Why Watching Movies At Night Can Make Us Tired

If you have ever fallen asleep while watching movies at night, you may wonder why this is occurring. Statistics have shown that women are more likely to fall asleep while watching a movie, especially at night, but this will also happen to men.

Sometimes it has to do with the content of the movie. It could be a brand-new movie that you have just rented, and because it is such a terrible movie, you simply don’t have any interest in it at all. This would prompt anyone to fall asleep, but there are more general reasons why movies can make us fall asleep, or at least make us sleepy, while we are watching them at night.

Childhood Habits That Are Still With Us

If you have ever had small children before, you know that they like to hear a story before they go to bed. Although you would assume that this habit would be buried deep in your psyche as an adult, sometimes movies can turn this old have it on. As we are watching the movie, if it is something that is very relaxing, this will cause us to fall asleep. Additionally, the content of the movie, if it is absent of horror, Gore, or loud noises, this can certainly cause us to be tired.

We Are Already Tired

obviously, if you have had a very long day, and you are already very tired, you are going to be more susceptible to becoming more tired or falling asleep while watching a movie. Some people don’t take this into account, especially if they have been waiting for a particular movie to come out on DVD for several months. However, minutes after putting it in the DVD player, they are suddenly unable to keep their eyes open. You have to consider the state of your body and mind before you watch a movie before actually believing that it is the movie that is causing you to be tired.

The Imagery And Sounds That The Movie Produces

There are many products on the market today that are designed to help us fall asleep. Many of them have to do with specific sounds. For instance, it could be very relaxing music, or sounds of the ocean or rivers, and there may be people talking in the background at a very low tone. If the movie that you are watching has imagery that is soothing, and the sounds are filled with quiet voices and the sounds of running water, it is possible that this is causing us to fall asleep. This is something that people may not notice in the midst of watching a movie. However, by replaying the movie and going to the point where they began to get tired, they may see some of the similarities.

Now that you know the many different reasons that people may become tired while watching a movie, you may want to be more selective before choosing a

movie to watch at night. Always remember that the physical state of your body, and how tired you are mentally, can play a large role in how the movie causes you to respond. If the movie is low-key, with beautiful imagery, there is a high probability that getting more tired at night while watching the movie is going to occur. It could also have to do with the sounds of the voices of the actors, or the sounds of nature, that may permeate the movie. Most importantly, if you are choosing a movie that is simply very boring, or poorly written, you will certainly begin to get more tired and eventually fall asleep because of the content that the movie is presenting.