The Top 4 Reasons To Sleep On Your Side

When you do research on the best position to sleep in, you will get differing answers depending upon who you ask. If you are talking with an individual, they may have a particular position that they prefer simply because they have done that their entire life. When asking professionals, they will tell you that there are two positions which are very good for proper sleep.

The first is sleeping on your back, preferably with your knees up slightly which is possible by placing a pillow under your legs. The other is to sleep on your side. This is done with your knees slightly bent, allowing you to keep your spine as comfortable as possible. In fact, many people will recommend sleeping on your side is the most appropriate sleeping position. Here are four reasons that you should be sleeping on your side for not only better sleep, but optimal health, resulting from a better night’s rest.

Why Should You Sleep On Your Side?

There are many benefits to sleeping on your side that most experts can agree on. For those that suffer from heartburn, or acid reflux, this is the optimal position. This is because of how the body is position, preventing the buildup of gastric acid in your stomach which is what can cause heartburn and also GERD. Second, it also will boost your digestion. Of course, it’s better to not eat prior to going to bed, but if you do, this will help process the food that you have just consumed. Third, you are going to allow the body to naturally drain toxins directly out of your lymph nodes. This has the unique ability to help you feel better when you wake up. Finally, if you are having problems with your circulation as a result of genetics or your age, improved circulation is always possible when sleeping on your side.

What About The Other Sleeping Positions?

There are two other sleeping positions that you may want to consider. There are pros and cons for every sleeping position which will include sleeping on your back, sleeping on your stomach, or sleeping on your left or right side. If you are sleeping on your back, this is the best position for those that have bad backs or have injured their back in the past. However, it’s not the best position for those that suffer from sleep apnea, or those that snore, as it will exacerbate these conditions. Sleeping on your stomach is great for snoring, but it is absolutely the worst way to sleep. It’s going to affect the curvature of your spine, strain your neck, and will likely lead to waking up sore even after a proper amount of sleep. Finally, deciding on which side to sleep is usually a personal preference. The drawbacks to sleeping on your left side is that it can strain your lungs and liver. If you sleep on your right side, this could actually increase heartburn if you have it. However, of all of the sleeping positions, and the one that is recommended to pregnant women, is to sleep on the left side of your body. This will optimize blood flow throughout your body, and also ensure that your spine is as comfortable as possible so as to provide you with consistent long-term sleep.

Now that you know the top four reasons for sleeping on your side, as well as the pros and cons for each sleeping position, you can decide to modify the way that you sleep if necessary. Either way, sleeping on your left side tends to be the most beneficial for the human body, a position that is very easy to go into if you want to sleep and wake up refreshed.