Different Forms and Levels of Dissociation / Brokenness

There are many different forms of dissociation and different levels or degrees of brokenness within each form. All people in this world experience some degree or trauma or pain but that doesn’t make them DID or broken in the Biblical sense of what we understand brokenness to be.

I would think it almost impossible to accurately define just how broken a person is and what exact form of dissociation they are experiencing in their lives. Therapists attempt to give an official diagnosis of what they think their patient is experiencing on the inside of their mind and body but in the end it is really just their own estimation based on their own past experiences and on guidelines in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is updated every few years. They upgrade their evaluations and add in their new disorders all of which is only based on a collective agreement among themselves that is not based in facts and especially not based upon the Truth in God’s Word.

Here is what many scientists are saying about the latest edition, DSM-5:

Various scientists have argued that the DSM-5 forces clinicians to make distinctions that are not supported by solid evidence, distinctions that have major treatment implications, including drug prescriptions and the availability of health insurance coverage. General criticism of the DSM-5 ultimately resulted in a petition signed by 13,000, and sponsored by many mental health organizations, which called for outside review of the document.”
– from the Coalition for DSM-5 Reform” October 31, 2013.

So it basically boils down to their own personal opinions of what they THINK is wrong with each patient and what they THINK is going on inside and what they THINK you should do to get well. Well, I can think to and I think I will trust what is written in God’s Word and allow Him to direct my healing and allow Him to guide my life.

In dealing with a number of broken people over the last 25 years, I have seen all kinds of levels of brokenness (dissociation) and though I do not have x-ray vision, and I cannot see inside of a person, you can get an idea of what is going on in a person’s life by how they describe what they are feeling and what exactly they are struggling with.

A friend of mine once told me that God told her something like the following about dissociation: “All humans are as fragile as eggs. Some have just a few surface cracks in their outer shell whereas others have major cracks and splits.” This makes sense to me as certainly some people are much more broken than others. It also helps to explain why some people lose time, whereas others do not. And some people switch constantly from one alter to another and it is very visible to some people who understand dissociation, and others don’t seem to switch at all yet they are broken too but in a different form and degree of dissociation.

So I wanted to use a few pictures to TRY to illustrate the difference between some forms of brokenness versus other kinds. Of course no pictures in this world can show what is really going on inside of a persons mind and spirit but this will maybe give you an idea of the differences in types of dissociation. In these pictures, the spiritual heart is represented by a pane of glass. Of course it is only a mere representation and it has it’s limitations so keep that in mind.

This first picture represents someone who has had a few traumatic experiences such as parental abuse of some kind as a child, a bad break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, sexual molestation of some kind, parents getting divorced, etc. Each incident may have led to some deep pain in a person’s life and caused them to dissociate to a degree. They want to put the unpleasant memory as far away as possible as they became overloaded with grief from what was taking place and used dissociation as a way of blocking out the event. This would be “lower level dissociation or brokenness”. On a scale of 1-10 this would be rated perhaps at level 1 up to level 3. This is not to minimize the pain associated with these events and certainly some of them could cause much deeper dissociation in itself.

Lower 1-3

The next picture represents deeper brokenness in a person’s life due to more severe traumatic events. This might include a rape, an abduction, a severe car accident, more aggressive sexual molestation, or a physical beating or torture of some kind. Here the picture represents more cracks, deeper brokenness and deeper dissociation. Here alters would become more pronounced even though they may be buried deep below and the victim might not retrieve any memories of these events at all for a very long time or even for a lifetime. The level of dissociation, level 4 to level 6, is higher here due to the severity of the traumatic events.

Sexual 4-6

The next picture represents a person who has had a number of very traumatic events yet they did not fully dissociate from the memory of those events in the same way as other people do. They may not have been able to create individual alters and instead developed “pockets of pain” where the person carries the memories of these horrific events. There may be a mixture inside of DID and these pockets of pain and certainly there are demonic spirits attached to the memories of these events. The demons cause severe anxiety attacks, deep depression, severe nightmares, suicidal impulses, and flashbacks. The events that bring on this type of dissociation may be someone who has saw people killed in a war zone or a gang shooting, a severe sexual rape or assault of some kind, witnessing a murder or severe physical beating or an abduction. The range of levels associated with this kind of dissociation can vary greatly but the levels here would be from level 6 all the way to level 10.

PTSD 6-10

The next picture represents a person who has had suffered extensive Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and because of that abuse they have had many distinct alters created inside. There may anywhere from dozens to hundreds of alters that have been formed and there may be an extensive “system” inside where there are traps and guardians trying to keep the system of alters from being dismantled. There may also be some Mind Control Programming installed which makes the healing process that much more difficult. Notice that in the picture we see pieces of glass that have been completely separated from the whole and have become independent. This represents alters who have broken off from the core person and are independent personalities. When there is this much brokenness the alters can be grabbed by evil people and used for all sorts of evil deeds. If they become saved and healed by the Lord Jesus, then they can be used by God to minister to others in many different ways.

The level of dissociation in SRA is at the extreme range from 8 or 9 up to level 10 which is very severe brokenness. At this level the core person my be completely buried inside, they would certainly be losing time and would experience a lot of switching from alter to alter and may not be co-conscious with some of the alters inside.

Extensive SRA 9-10

The last picture represents Complex Polyfragmentation which is the most complex and perhaps most difficult form of dissociation to be healed from. The number of alters in the system runs in the THOUSANDS and there may be different nesting of layers of systems of alters and subsytems with elaborate mind control programming holding it all together.

There may be suicidal programs inside set to run and to cause the person to try and kill themselves if triggered. The number of alters makes it so very difficult as it seems as if they may go on forever. They will be a lot of switching, a tremendous amount of denial programming and all kinds of triggers to discourage people from trying to become healed. A deep reliance upon the Lord Jesus Christ is necessary to be completely healed from this kind of dissociation. Levels of dissociation would be from 8 or 9 up to level 10.

Complex 8-10

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  1. rich says:
    the one thing about this is they either did not know or they dont care either way their not getting away with any of this pain their putting on people as you sow so shall you reap well good luck their really going to need it trying to push this evil garbage in gods face is a massive huge mistake god never forgets if they were any dumber could not be possible give the planet a break and die off to save themselves who do u think will get the last word on this the dark side or the light side this is so stupid and their such a total waste of time they will be so forgotten so soon it will be like they never existed in the first place and these idiots will still have to pay back and feel all the pain they have put on all the people it is just massively STUPID
  2. violetblack says:
    This was a problem with an online counselor we tried to confide in. We were trying to explain that we were in the 8-10 category (later learning that our “official” alter count is 3081!), but his most dissociated patients up to that point had moderate SRA trauma with alters in the low hundreds and very basic programming. Although he was unfailingly polite, his assumption that we were a particularly dense level-5 and our inability to communicate that we were an elaborately programmed level-10 led to hurt and frustration on both sides. Some even blamed him when one of our seemingly stable alters struggled to fight off a suicide trigger and had to be locked inside; they thought that if he had been more open to our allegations about the CIA and Illuminati and elaborate synthetic subsystems, she would never have had been left wondering if she was incurably psychotic with no hope of escape besides death. To this day, I don’t think he realizes he did anything wrong. I guess it’s not his fault that fate threw a 3081-alter ex-Illuminated moonchild at him. I just wish this stuff were more well known. People who reach out to multiples, especially, should be making the effort to find out what they’re dealing with.

    I guess my point is thanks for posting this.
    –Chris of the Clowder

  3. Marie says:
    how did you heal from all those alters, Wow you must be strong.
  4. Laura Lee Dykstra says:
    The Lord Jesus Christ caused me to experience a full descent into hell and full immersion into the lake of fire – full separation from God in my soul. It is the absolute worst level experience possible… and it is wholeshot. The blood of Jesus has all power. I’m fine. Anyone can recover from anything by the grace of God in Jesus and the power of His blood. Amen!

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