So just when we thought Svali was gone to be with the Lord Jesus, a person recently contacted me and stated that she had a brief meeting with Svali in person and that she is alive and well! GLORY BE TO JESUS!!!

Now I didn’t see her myself or talk to her but the person who told me this seems reliable and I have no reason not to believe her. I do not know where she is living, nor do I know how to contact her so please do not write and ask how to contact Svali as I do not know how to contact her at all.

We have to remember that GOD IS ABLE and He has His hand on her life and NO ONE can snatch Svali out of His hands! PRAISE BE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! Lord of lords and King of kings!! – Ed Koni

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7 Responses to SVALI SIGHTING!

  1. 4theKingdom says:
    Praise Him!
  2. Steven says:
    That is wonderful news! God is able and can do anything for his children. 🙂

    God bless, Svali!

  3. violetblack says:
    I’m so relieved to hear that! I hope she has been well during her absence!
  4. Olga says:
    I have always felt in my heart that she was alive. Let’s keep her in our prayers. “…the effectuall feruent prayer of a righteous man auaileth much.” James 5:16
  5. Mrs.Curious says:
    Are you real? Are you just bullshitting here about all of these because… Why you are exposing yourself so much. Is Illuminati doesn’t kill you? Sacrifice you-or something like that?

    They are not dumb.

    • admin says:
      LOL, no they are not dumb but they are very foolish! “A FOOL is his heart says there is no God (or that He won’t judge us!)”
  6. fourfivesix says:
    Is it just me or does it sound like Svali has been picked up by a Christian cult? I’d bet money on it. I’m very sorry to hear this.

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