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About Svali

This is a blog dedicated to Svali, who is / was a former mind control programmer and trainer for the Illuminati. She was groomed from birth to have a key role in the Illuminati and back in the 80′s was forced against her will to marry another generational Illuminati member. They had two children from this marriage and they also were raised and tortured by the cult until Svali fled the cult in the early 1990′s.

She was severely warned by the cult to keep quiet about her past. She had been writing and speaking out against the cult and their activities ever since she got free from the cult. There is no known verifiable evidence of her being alive and all traces of her have completely disappeared. Her story lives on through the pages of this blog. All of her known writings are contained on this blog. If I have missed any, please let me know.

About Ed Koni:

I am a personal friend of Svali’s and the Lord led me and a small group of Christians to help Svali begin her journey to get free from the cult back in the 1990’s. I personally saw her endure much pain and hardship and what really struck me was her love for Jesus Christ and her desire to get free from the cult, from her programming, from the demons and from her past.

It is my desire that no matter what happened to Svali I want her writings to be available online for everyone to read. As you read them you will sense the validity of her story and you will see many of the things she said would happen have already come to pass or are in the process of being fulfilled.

I have not been able to reach Svali at all in many years. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Svali please leave me a comment with your email address and I will contact you.

If any of you reading this are presently in a cult and want to get out, the only way and the best way is through the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, the LORD JESUS CHRIST!

You must surrender your life completely or as much as you are able to do and continue to do this on a daily basis. There are no promises of a safe and happy life but at least your soul will be saved and you will spend eternity in the peace, joy and love of King Jesus! (See http://svalispeaks.com/?p=1 for more about Svali’s personal history.)

God bless, Ed Koni

(This is Svali’s intro from other sites posted several years ago.)

From Svali:

Hi, my name is Svali. Both I and my entire family were involved in a cult group until several years ago, when we broke free. I used to be a programmer in the cult, and now I want to share the knowledge that I have to help others.It is possible to break free of cult abuse if a person is involved. It is a long, heart-breaking process, but well worth it. In the articles that I will be providing, I hope to help the survivor of cult abuse find tools to help in their journey towards freedom.

I have been a consultant to an on-line survivors group that helps people dealing with issues related to cult programming and becoming free, for the past year and a half. I myself have been in therapy for ritual abuse and DID for nine years, with the last five being aware of the recent cult abuse.

I am also a writer, and a registered nurse. I currently work as a diabetic educator in Texas 20 hours a week.

I have also self-published a book on breaking free of cult programming, which several experts in the field have said has “invaluable information” for the survivor of ritual abuse.

Both my ex-husband and my two children broke free of cult abuse last year. My children are living with me while my husband is working on healing. They all have DID (dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder) as well, which makes life at home interesting! I am currently married to my second husband, who is also a recovered DID and who got out of the cult five years ago.

I am a survivor of both ritual abuse and governmental mind control. My greatest hope in sharing on these pages is that the information will be helpful to others in breaking free of coercive cult control and help them realize that it is really possible to become free. My other goal is to help educate therapists and supporters of survivors so that they can better understand what survivors have gone through, and things that have helped others in their healing journey.

From Svali’s interview with HJ Springer, Editor of CentrExNews.com:

Thank you for contacting me. Actually, I just received a somewhat skeptical email today from someone who read the information at your site. I would be more than happy to answer questions about validity, etc. with the following provision. I write under a pen name to protect my two children and husband, whom I do not want to have receiving hostile or threatening phone calls, etc. My two children are still healing from the experiences of being raised in the group as well, and I don’t want any experiences that could traumatize them.

The topic I am addressing is somewhat volatile, to say the least. People have strong emotions pro and con as to whether the Illuminati are real. That said, I will give you a little background info, feel free to share this with readers. Also, my column at http://www.Suite101.com (I have a column on ritual abuse; do a search on ‘svali’) has numerous articles on this topic if people want to learn more. ( I have posted all of them in this blog. – Ed Koni)

1. I was born in 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia. (Svali’s main alter was “born” in Germany) I lived briefly in a small town about an hour away from Washington, DC, then moved to a 500 acre farm in northern Virginia when my mother married my stepfather. Both my mother and my stepfather were members of this group. It is a very generational group. My mother sat on the regional council over the Washington, DC area and was in the “spiritual chair” (the Illuminati have 6 chairs on their ascended masters council: Sciences, Government, Leadership, Scholarship, Spiritual, and Military.)

These also correlate to the areas that children are taught growing up in this group. They believe in “well rounded” children. The “spiritual” rituals, or occult rituals, were only one small part of the teaching of this group, the other five areas are also equally emphasized. I spent more time learning history, languages, and sciences than I did seeing rituals, although they were important to the group.

2. I went to school in Charlottesville, Va. 1975 to 1981, where I received a BSN in nursing, and a BA in Spanish ( I got two degrees). This is also a place where a lot intense abuse and occultic crime occurred, on an estate about 10 miles south west of Charlottesville going towards Crawley, West Virginia.

3. After graduation, I went to San Diego in 1981 ( I was called there by the leadership there, they were strong in military training but weak in sciences, which was my forte). I came and sat on leadership council, I was the sixth head trainer there (the lowest head trainer) and had 30 trainers in the local groups reporting to me. Leadership council met in Ramona, Ca. on an estate there that belonged to a man named Jonathan Meiers.

When I went to the police in 1996 (after I had left the group) sure enough, there was an estate there belonging to someone with that name. One of his cult names was “Black Hand” because he wore black gloves when he worked with people. He was the head trainer in the group, and one of the most sadistic and brutal people I ever knew. He burned out most of the trainers that worked with him, and I made it because I had a friend on leadership council who hated him and helped me undermine him (the Illuminati are a very political and back stabbing group, a “dog eat dog” mentality; everyone wants to move up ). Her cult name was Athena.

After years (12) of working with Jonathan, I moved up to the second head trainer position in the county. Jonathan was getting ready to move to regional, and he wanted me to take his place. But he and I also despised each other, and he set me up to take a fall. That’s a whole different story, and was one of the factors that made me leave the group. I left the group in 1995, sick of the lying, deceiving, and politics, and fearful for my life. I fled to Texas, and went through therapy with Dr. Jerry Mundgaze and his group. But unfortunately, they didn’t know how to help “deprogram me”, or as Dr. Mundgaze* told me, “you are higher than almost anyone we have seen, and more programmed.”

*Svali misspelled Dr. Mungdaze’s name above. Here is info on him: http://rightbraintherapy.org/Dr.html

I remembered so much, and he had never heard of it and had no idea how to help (definitely no suggesting of memories there, most of mine occurred spontaneously, AT HOME. I have never been hypnotized or age regressed, all of my memories have occurred in the course of daily life).

I spent a year intensely deprogramming myself. I was a head programmer, or trainer, so I used my knowledge to undo what was done to me. I also became enraged as I realized that the abuse I had endured (and done to others) was NOT normal, was used to manipulate me, etc.

My book is based on my memories as an ADULT in this group. I was a perpetrator, and I now regret it considerably. It is my restitution before God as I expose what this group does and stands for. I also wrote it for therapists, to help them understand the group and its methodologies, since it was so difficult to hear from a nationally known ritual abuse center, “we don’t know what to do…”. I based it on what I did to heal.

Two years ago, my children were on visitation with me and disclosed their abuse to me. I went to CPS, and the case was closed, because the worker said she didn’t believe in ritual abuse! My ex came to get the children (he could have put me in federal prison for not giving the children back, since the San Diego court system blatantly states that they do not believe in ritual abuse, and in EVERY case of alleged RA, the children are given to the allegedly abusing parent).

The children confronted him in person. He turned white as a sheet, said, “you really don’t want to go back to “family”, they said “no”. He then fled to California, quit his job, and moved out here and is in therapy for RA and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). My children are also in therapy, and healing rapidly. My now 12 year old son is almost completely integrated, and happier than he has ever been before; my 16 year old daughter has some tough issues to face, such as the sexual abuse she endured. But God has been faithful in His healing work in all of our lives.

I wish that this was just “made up”. That it weren’t real. But it is. There is too much documentation of this occurring (I can send you an URL for documented convicted RA cases). My greatest regret is that I was used by this group, after a lifetime of teaching, to be a perpetrator of the worst kind. I used to torture and abuse others, believing that I was “helping” them.

Now, I realize that what I did was wrong, I have asked God’s forgiveness. And am committed to exposing this group through my writing. I am also a professional writer in the medical field, was a registered nurse for 18+ years, and currently work as an ESL teacher, health educator, and freelance author (on non abuse topics!). I hope this is enough background info, it is the truth before God and men. If you need any other, that won’t compromise my anonymity or my children’s protection, please let me know. Sincerely, Svali

P.S. My younger sister remembers being tied up on a stone altar at the age of 3, with a gag in her mouth, and being raped. She also remembers our paternal grandmother taking her to friends, who used her sexually at the ages of 3 to 5. She became an alcoholic at age 13, after trying to commit suicide 7 times by age 12. My older brother has NO memories of ANYTHING AT ALL before age 20, his life is a complete blank. He does believe that our father was a perverse and strange man. This brother was cut down from our garage when he was 8, and tried to hang himself.

My oldest brother is on the run, afraid to live anywhere for more than a few months, because he believes they want to “get him.” He also tried to commit suicide many times as a young child. This is somewhat corroborating evidence, as well as the fact that both of my children dream in German at night (that is the language they speak in the Illuminati) and have NEVER heard it in the daytime.

The Victory – a poem by Svali

The greatest victory belongs to Jesus, He’s the One who heals and frees us.

Satan thought he won and laughed, little did he know his victims are being let go!

By the greatest power in heaven above, the redeeming power of God’s great love.

Jesus is the One kneeling beside us, untying the cords by His, Holy Spirit inside us.

Chasing away the darkness within, healing and cleansing us from the sin.

Jesus we love you! Your children cry, Thank You for freeing us, when we thought we would die.

Your mercy so great, I can’t understand, Calvary’s love to free the damned.

Satan tried his feeble best, to fight a battle he’d already lost, because Jesus paid the cost.

His ransom paid, I am not a slave any more, but a child, set free to say,


Svali on: Healing from the Trauma of Cult Programming

Ritual abuse is the systematic, continued, repetitive abuse of both children and adults by either an individual or a group. It can involve psychological, sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse. This abuse is often done in the name of promoting an agenda, or a group’s religious idealogy.

The victims of ritual abuse are often children, although adults are often abused as well. The victim is an unwilling accomplice in the perpetrator’s goals, although they may eventually learn to comply with, and even learn to perpetrate themselves as they grow older. Increasing numbers of survivors of ritual abuse are beginning to speak out, to give voice to the atrocities which occur. Whether the survivor was traumatized within an organized group, or by individuals, they must often overcome years of conditioning to be silent in order to speak and disclose their abuse. This abuse may have included torture, mind control, cult programming, or other methodologies to ensure the victim’s silence.

This page is dedicated to the bravery and courage of these people who are in the process of breaking free from cult abuse. To the courageous adults and children who are overcoming fear, and disclosing what their lives have been like. May others learn that they, too, can become free.

The Importance of Overcoming Denial

Often times it is much easier for the average person to look away when the subject of ritual abuse comes up. To believe that it is extremely rare. Or even to wonder if it is real, in spite of the extensive documentation that has been done that proves its existence. For more information on this subject, please go to some of the links provided on this page.

Ritual abuse is not going to go away, in spite of the desire of many to minimize its impact both on the survivor community, and their supporters. The more people become aware of this problem, the more hope that this type of abuse can be stopped, and that no more children will be wounded in the war that is being waged for their hearts and souls.

There is currently legislation that has been passed in six states outlawing ritual abuse, with other states pending. Legislators are becoming educated in the reality of this type of abuse, and are beginning to take measures to ensure that it is stopped.

There have been extensively documented cases of ritual abuse which have gone to court and been proven. Anyone who denies the reality has not read the current literature available on the subject. (See links for further info)

Resources for Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Please note that all of the sources below can be found on line. I regret that MSN will not allow the URLs to copy here (the editing tool erases them automatically). You may look up the addresses by typing in the name in any web search engine.

A.C.A.A. (American Coalition for Abuse Awareness) Mailing Address: ONE VOICE, PO Box 27958, Washington DC 20038-7958 Phone:  (202) 667-1160

A.C.H.E.S.-M.C. (Advocacy Committee for Human Experiment Survivors – Mind Control)

I.S.S.D. (International Society for the Study of Dissociation) now ISST-D (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation) Mailing address: 4700 W. Lake Ave., Glenview IL 60025 Phone: (847) 375-4715

M.A.S.A. (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse) Contact: Claire Reeves Mailing address: 503-1/2 S. Myrtle Ave., Suite 9, Monrovia CA 91016 Phone:  (818) 305-1986

Sidran Foundation A non-profit organization aiming to raise awareness about dissociative disabilities and multiplicity.

Survivorship.org An international publication and organization for survivors of ritualistic abuse, mind control, and torture.

Ritual Abuse Ritual Crime and Healing

Persons Against Ritual Abuse Torture

North AMerican Freedom Foundation

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  1. rich valles says:

    very bad choice for the people who are doing this to these children and adults savli good work and to these dark minded people dont die cause then ur in my court

    • rich valles says:

      there lucky svali is alive n well cause were not playing with these child killers n rapist they n there own will hav to pay all this back zero getting out of the karma they have made dont blame anyone else its all theres to feel n live back for all the pain they have dished out there so stupid never will figure how they can be so so so stupid did they think the laws of the universe were sleeping really all there own doing dont blame any cosmic being they have zero to do with it as it says as u so so shall you reap did i just type that think so stupid are stupid is look out its coming killing kids babys raping women boys men ur so freaking stupid but dont worry were here now n maybe u idioits will be on public display the rest of us we have to shine shine within ur mind shine from the inside to light up the dark night this is the world we have to live theres so much to give we gotta shine shine shine shine from the inside to light up the dark night shine shine shine within ur nind show everybody what joy is all about so try too shine shine shine in ur mind shine from the inside . c thats not to hard we can easily change everything i have been given the way how we can all do it contact me zero nazis its very dangerous for nazis to face this energy n power u’ll get in a lot more trouble than u already are u have to pay back a lot of karma first ur doing not ours everyone else common lets have some cosmic fun its all our way out of this mess shine shine shine within ur mind cosmic rich saying its time my number 0639163086349 im in the philippines this is the story we should shout about its time namaste rich

  2. natalie says:

    I never could understand how the world we live in has become so cruel.. until this interview. I see how the evil grows and how it perpetuated itself into our lives< with all the higher-ups are being part of it, even though sometimes an unwilling part. The only question I have left is : how it came to be at all from the beginning? Is it part of human nature or has it been brought to our planet from somewhere else???

    • admin says:

      The Bible teaches us that Satan, the Great Deceiver, is the father of lies and that he moved mankind to sin and act in rebellion against God.

      He still does the same till this day and to stand against him we must be born again of God’s Spirit and have the new nature of Christ within us.

      Jesus said, “Unless you are born again you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Therefore, to defeat evil in this world we must be born of God
      for in Him there is no sin and only the blood of Jesus can pay for our sins. God bless, Ed

  3. mountainheir says:

    Though I’ve known of ritual abuse and unspoken atrocities by the darker side of government it breaks my heart to hear of the 3 year old being raped. The only comfort I find in my heart is knowing that un-confessed sin and unrepentant hearts will not go unpunished. It would be better for a millstone to be tied around their neck and thrown in the deepest part of the ocean than to stand guilty before the living God. My prayers are with you.

  4. m says:

    I have seen an underground chamber. M

  5. Jessica says:

    I want to know how to obtain the possibility of actually speaking to either of you. Its a serious matter. Email for further instructions.

  6. Rena says:

    I believe I have escaped this cult. I am of this bloodline. I need to talk to someone who can help me. I am still dealing with this. I have almost been killed over this. I need to know how to help and protect my children and myself.

  7. Ahmad says:

    Thank you Svali for your bravery and courage.indeed you have changed lives!
    Spiritual aspect;What was the behavior towards Muslims within this cult? Was there any spafic MO towards them? Was there any spafic creed targeted?

  8. Ahmad says:

    Thank you Svali for your bravery and courage.Indeed you have changed lives!
    Spiritual aspect;What was the behavior towards Muslims within this cult? Was there any spafic MO towards them? Was there any spafic creed targeted more than others?

  9. W says:

    can u please contact me, my friend is preparing to run from the Illuminati..she is the 3rd case I personally have tried to help thank you.

  10. Pavel says:

    This is the perfect site for awareness of the Illuminati.

  11. Art Hicks says:

    Isaiah 8:
    New American Standard Bible
    12“You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’
    In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy,
    And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it.
    13“It is the LORD of hosts whom you should regard as holy.
    And He shall be your fear,
    And He shall be your dread.
    ——– It is prophecy, and Jesus Christ is the Victor, our hope is in Him.
    God loves us so much He sent His only begotten son to die in our place. Our strength is in Him, and His great love for us..

    • Anna Allen says:

      Amen, and I totally agree with you.

    • k says:

      you try living in it and NOT fearing it and being in dread of it. I am a Christian. I love the Lord, my God. Yet fear, or more accurately, abject terror, is not something you can totally control. I hope no one here has ever endured or will endure the things I have been through. My T doesn’t understand how I have any faith left. I believe my faith is how I survived. Am I to fear and dread my Lord God? I go to him for comfort when I am in terror.

      • admin says:

        Hi k,

        Thanks for writing. I would like to hear more of your story. Actually, I was ritually abused also as a child and I am a born again
        believer in Christ and yes it is our FAITH in JESUS that keeps us living! Without Him there would be no hope!

        Do you have your testimony typed up online or ? God bless, Ed

  12. joan says:

    So many evil people on such a beautiful planet. May Jesus return and dethrone them all.

  13. robert says:

    Hi folks, I am Robert and i was raised in LA County, till i went to boardingschool on the eastcoast (north eastern part). I was raised and born in a generational high freemasonic family, and i underwent myself satanic ritual abuse since infancy. The things that svali, arizona wilder and others talks about i can validate with my own recovering memories. If ppl like to contact me, you can do soo by writing too indigolecturer27 at aol dot com. I know live abroad somewhere in the sw wls, uk. Over the last 15yrs my memories were getting thru, but sofar i was able to surpress them. But since i moved to the countryside of sw wls, i haven’t been able to stop those memories from coming thru, and i have to deal with it if i like it or not. I was always a strong and fighter in my personality, as i was also born to early and i was born in a airplane 4 weeks to early as i was told. I am now in my forties. I know i will get there in the end, with the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. My family on my mothers and fathers side are high masosn, since they left the uk in 1620 with the mayflower as being on both side on the 32 and or 33rd degree masons and ever since. I have never been part of them, i rather die than to join them. We can defeat them, with the unconditional love of God and Jesus Christ. I know that my programmers were operating under programming themselves. Soo i have forgiven them what they did, as i can’t hold ppl responsible who haven’t any control over their own consciousness on the moment they did their thing with us subjects.
    For now take care and maybe till soon, robert.

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert,

      Glad to see you know the Lord Jesus Christ! He is the only Way, the Truth and the Life!

      Pray about letting the memories come instead of surpressing them. The Lord heals us by allowing
      stuff to surface and for each part of our shattered heart to embrace Christ.

      God bless, Ed

    • Jodee M says:

      There’s a ministry called shatter the darkness with Russ Disdar. He exposes satanic ritual abuse brought on by what many commentators describe here. Torture, mind control, splitting the mind, sexual abuse, on and on. He helps to free those who want help through the power of Jesus Christ. There is tons of info, lots oh help available from this Christian family who has devoted their lived to exposing the darkness, the freemasons, the ILLUMINATI, the evil. It’s worth a look. http://www.shatterthedarkness.net He also opens the end time prphecies and what’s really coming according to “as is in the days of Noah” Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 with the help of LA Marzuli. Plus lots more.

  14. robert vandriest (-Mitchell) says:

    Hi Thnx, Adiministrator,

    each day is a fight, as since i moved to the countryside in wales, where i reside for now. Over the last 15yrs i was able to surpress, but no any longer. Maybe its now time to let go, but it doesn’t mean its easy by far. As its hard to talk with ppl that has no clue or can’t comprehend, what ppl in power can do and capable off. Alot of the ppl i see in my memories are ppl that alot of ppl know from tv in various ways, and they look and act charming to the surface. But beside my SRA (incl, sexual abuse) since infancy, i was groomed to be used in various covens. My early childhood before moving by 6 to Boarding schools in Vermont and Connecticut, i was raised in southern california, had alot of nannies, as every 6weeks i saw a different nanny. I also was born to premature of some 5 weeks or soo, in the middle of a airplane as my mother came from a business in europe, she was a corporate laywer. She herself went to bioardingschools in switserland. I was raised in aupperclass family from both siee of the family. Also my stepfather came from a lineage of upperclass family in Europe. Soo i had the High (32-33th degree) Freemasonry from 3 sides during my childhood. All of them were Masons from when they came over to the US. My Mothers and Bio Fathers family came over in 1620 with the Mayflower and my Stepfathers (Vandriest) family came over in 1780 from Holland, and before that untill 1500s they were from Bavaria region in whats now known as Southern Germany. For the near future as soon my finace Whitney is finally back (she herself comes from another upperclass background too). I will go back into lecturing and exposing further in what i have seen and witnessed and whats still happening up till today.
    For now have all a nice day and till soon,
    Yours Truly, Robert.

  15. admin says:

    Hi J,

    No one knows where Svali is or if she is even alive here on earth any longer. No one I know has seen her or spoken with her in a few years.

    I have had some experience with demons previously and maybe I can help answer your questions? God bless, Ed

    • Ruby says:

      There’s absolutely no way you can hide from them. She was likely implanted a long time ago without her knowledge. Her whole family is tagged, I’m sure of it. Sometimes they will let you go for awhile but when they’re ready to take you, they can find you within seconds!

  16. A says:

    I am a survivor of generational Illuminati in the UK and can vouch for what Svali has written – I was abused as a child in a way similar to what she describes. I don’t agree with the shape-shifting reptilians though – I just remember bad people wearing different nasty costumes and being evil. These people are evil and lose the moral battle because they can’t understand what being kind or good is – they can try to rationalise it to control people but if you have a bad heart you don’t get what it is to have a good heart.

  17. GODISlove says:

    dear admin, first of all i hope and pray that svali is okay for the least and safe. i cant begin to tell you how long i have been curious about occults…illuminat…free masons …nwo etc. for about a yr i have been doing research now b/c i want to knowwhois REALLY running the country and to say the least is very SAD but i do know one thing i do not live in fear b/c i will not live on this earth forever and we will not have to endure such a cruel world that these sick people have created . i hope that god see’s the good in those who are suffering (or not)

    my question to you is do you think that svali had “vanished” on her own free will? or do you believe that the illuminati harmed her shortly after she did the radio interview?? please write back & god bless

    • admin says:

      Unknown where she is but it doesn’t look good. She is a solid Christian though so she will be with Jesus when she dies.

  18. Denis Hlarksweki says:

    Hello Admin, may I ask you a question? Where is this photo of svali taken from? Looks like tochtv but can’t find anything about it over the net. Is this an interview she delivered to a TV station? IF so, where can we see it?

    GOd Bless you


    • admin says:

      Hi Denis,

      Very good question! I know that is her but I have no idea where or when it was taken. I did email Tochtv but got no response.

      Please let me know if you find out as I was pretty shocked to see her pic online as not many people know what she looks like.

      Thanks and God bless, Ed

      • Kieran Smith says:

        Hi Ed! This might be a bit out of the times, now, but that logo that looks like “tochtv” is actually Tech TV. The TV station was broadcasting an episode of a series made by the BBC, called “Conspiracies”. The episode itself is called “Satanic Panic”, and actually shows an excerpt of an interview with Svali, firstly in the intro and then towards the end, where she is described as a “Former Satanic Cult [Illuminati] Member.” This episode can actually be found on YouTube in three parts, and Svali is shown at about 6 3/4 minutes into the third and last part of the episode. Again, I apologise if this reply is hopelessly out of kilter with now (for all I know, you could have uploaded the episode itself under a different pseudonym). but I hope it helps !

        Here are the links to all three parts of the episode:
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a205LtE8sfU (Svali features in the intro here)
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFBI4aX4FvI (this is where Svali makes her mark!)

        You know, looking at Svali herself and hearing her speak, she seems to be the most unobtrusive person (understandably). If you had met her in the street you would never have suspected she was a defector from what could be the most powerful and influential cult in the world………………she’s very good at hiding.

        Anyways, best of luck to all of you and my kindest regards to Svali…wherever she’s got to!


  19. Pavel says:

    I saw a few all seeing eyes in Prague on my recent holiday, you can check it out on my YouTube channel: MoleDownunder

  20. robert says:

    Hi folks, i hope that whereever she is, she is safe and well, as she has done alot for humanity. I am still in deep recovering of my own lifetime experience since infancy. I am still probably lucky with sofar i know some 7 front alters youngest 4 and oldest 26. I know live somewhere in swwls. Since i have been moving to the countryside i can’t any longer hyide for my memories, but i know i will make it, and when my fiance is finally back home, i will go back into lecturing, and exposing what i know thru my own childhood and family background. Sofar i can see, the battle hasn’t won as yet, as the cabal is still in firm control of our own recreation of our own gestapo aka hls. As i child i was brought to various sites from china lake facility and others throughout the country. I still start uncontrolleable to shake, when i hear someone speaking english with a heavy german accent, as one of my main controllers/handler was an ex-nazi. But i know i have still a long way to go, and with God’s help and Christ’s blood i will make it somehow, amen. I hope that Christ will protect all victims of these insidious crimes being done against humanity. Including to ppl as myself being born in a high freemasonic family (on both sides). I know one thing, that Lucifer or whatever name its using, will not win, as thru Christ we have all ready won the victory, as someone said. But still that doesn’t make our suffering easy.

    If ppl like to talk or ask questions, you still can write them to me, and i will answer than as honest as possible. . . As i hope that my suffering could help others.

    For now God Bless and Take Care,

  21. Jane says:

    Svali I have been involved in this cult, too…I don’t know how to break free, how to run away.

    • Siri Slaver says:

      You guys have to get together join a group and run. Start up a youtube page or something. Get out to the people.We are counting on you!

      • Jane says:

        My family is not invovled, I joined by mistake by using a chatroom a long time ago that they used. It was really weird and sudden and fast. I almost died.

    • Jesusistheway says:

      Dear Jane, the only way you can get out is to cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ. Just like Svali said Jesus saved her, He can save you too. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and accept Him as your savior. Demons tremble at the name of Jesus. God bless you and I will pray for you.

  22. I just want to Bless you with this passage from the word of God: Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.

  23. amie says:

    Hi Ed, i am curious and was wondering if she ever read fritz springmier’s book “how to create an undetectable mind control slave” and what she thinks of him personally? He seem a little contraversial,and man, that book is a wealth of info.. where did he get all that information??

    • admin says:

      I am sure she knows much more than Fritz does about programming. I have the book and I think there is a lot of info in the book but not much of it is useful in deprogramming people. There is bascially nothing about how to deprogram a person and lots of info that is pretty much well-known in that book. Thanks, Ed

      • bjarki says:

        in the youtube interview she sais she was born in germany but in this she sais it was in usa !?!?!?!?!?!? why `???

        • admin says:

          Hi bjarki,

          Well it seems like a contradiction but it is not. “Svali” is not the name of the main core person but rather an alter inside who controls many things. The core person was born in Alexandria (USA) and the alter was “born” or “created from abuse” in Germany. To an alter that is their birthday/birthplace when they were “created”.

          I hope that helps. Thanks, Ed

          • bjarki says:

            thanks Ed 🙂 i just don’t get why she didn’t say it then ,cuz it kinda undermines her credibility to say she was born two diff. places … but why did she do two interviews under the same name but with two diff. alters ???

          • admin says:

            “Svali” is a name she uses as it is one of her major alters. She switches many times during the interviews and it is hard to
            tell who is really talking. The ones that come out though are Christians but some do not have all the memories of all the
            events in the past. I know a few things for sure and that is “Svali” loves Jesus, she is sincere in wanting to help people
            get free, she was very, very broken and divided in heart but she does her best to please God and warn people of what is
            going on behind the scenes. She has been beaten very severely for speaking out and yet she doesn’t mention that much.

          • bjarki says:

            thank you Ed 🙂 god bless you

  24. robert says:

    Hi folks,

    Beside Svali, it seems that also Arizona Wilder seemed to have disappeared from the Earth. The woman that was trained since birth for her role within the Cult (aka The family, Illuminati) etc. She was trained to be A Mother Goddess. David Icke, had one time a video interview, Revelations Of A Mother Goddess. see link belkow, enjoy and be enriched! http://www.american-buddha.com/icke.revelationmothergoddess1.htm

    Yours Truly

  25. mslane says:

    how do we know that your not telling us this in order to bring there plan of chaos so we dont trust our government and religion.

  26. edward johnson says:

    i could say alot right now…. but im gonna keep this short and sweet. the only thing i can say is WOW! i mean im flabberghsted (lol) at the whole thing… its quite amazing though….. i mean how they were able to do SO MUCH SO FAST. and how everything makes sense now…… but 1 question… whats the news on 9/11? was that an inside job? or done by other people? (terrorists etc.)

  27. edward johnson says:

    one of my favorite facebook pages… keepin svalis legacy alive… if shes dead. and with pictures for proof

  28. goodluv78 says:

    well i’m definitely not in a cult and i don’t trust my government and i do believe in god but isn’t it strange that the whole world is finding out about this now i think the US wants anarchy, riots and chaos so that they have reason to jail us or for us to kill one another or for them to kill us. another way for them to depopulate this country.

    • lisa reynoldson says:

      i like what you say , but we must not fear , and keep believeing in GOD , or any thing than the Goverment , illuminati , ect you get where im coming from , WE MUST STAY STRONG

    • silvernblacksabbath says:

      Bingo… I believe that’s why they are staging all of these ‘shootings’.. Americans are buying up guns.. It will be man vs man very soon…. DEPOPULATION, you are right on the money!

  29. amie says:

    Hi Ed, I was wondering if there is a reason why Svali does’nt mention her childhood alot? From testimonies of other genarational illuminati defectors,mostly all were sexually abused by one or both parents.If that is the case, are we to assume Svali did the same to her children?I’m not in any way asking to judge her,as i know God has completly washed her of all sin, but it seems a very important part of trauma based mind control. Thankyou,Amie

    • admin says:

      Hi Amie,

      Actually that is what finally broke Svali’s programming was the fact that she could no longer deal with hurting children, including her own, and the guilt
      made her finally come to grips with what she was doing. I know for a fact she was very sorrowful at what she was forced to do and that it was very hard
      for her to deal with that.

      Your right, God has forgiven her but it is hard to forgive ourselves many times and she still must carry that guilt with her at times.

      God bless, Ed

    • Robert says:

      Hi everyone, During my own childhood satanic ritual abuse in my whole childhood, by being born into a generational high freemasonic family, i endured in my early childhood alot of sexual abuse such as rape among other things, especially by my early programmers such as Dr. Green, and others. I also had alot of nannies during my childhood, within every 6 to 8 weeks i saw a new nanny. I still deal with the memories of my childhood sexual abuse, what has consequences in further adult life, certainly considering matters suchj as sex, among other matters too. I have atleast 7 front alters that i am aware of
      , youngest 4yrs of age and oldest 26yrs of age.

      I know i will get their in the end, with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      For now take care,

      Yours Truly,

  30. rich valles says:

    Hi svali hope ur well n fine would like to talk with u or anyone clise i have been involved or fighting this energy for a very long time and with the help of a frind put a stop at their attempted w w 3 and teaching what i call the luminaz’s what thee up against and where ther not going with what they had intended for the people of earth there in very big trouble and as martin brodie stated there dealing with powers they cannot possibly understand and boy is that ever an understatement their time perod is up and everyone stay in ur power understand the power u hold dont let there chicken scratch energy get to u stay in ur power thanks namaste rich frm santa cruz

    • admin says:

      Seek Jesus Christ, Rich! He is our ONLY HOPE!

      • rich says:

        oh hi elizabeth just left u a long reply but lost it maybe 2 much info their scaring the hell out of people anyway yes im in the middle of all this right now im in the philippines rt now doing just that 2 teach n show a huge message from the real powers in the universe or the real owner of planet earth and the nazis know this 2 groups or 3 hav broken away from the ones who hav run earth 4 long time thats who we are facing now the rest are very sori 4 the monster they hav created and hav asked me on dec 1 2014 if i would please help stop the monster they hav created i took 3 weeks 2 download study get guidance(my own)and make a decision on how what and where 2 start and was this real well it was and is i already hav been working on something for 4 n half yrs to do exactly this well i agreed-ed n said yes i will help its a huge choice 2 make regardless of what cosmic family one is part of already been away from all my kids doing this yr n half not an easy choice anyway lets get in tounh my plilippine phone number is 639163086349 give a call or txt ur l yahoo skype oovoo k tks be safe and remember STAY IN UR POWER hurts the nazis the most they loose control n power namaste anyone who wants to help with this theres my number hey nazis theres my number u can feel free 2 call 2 but no deals no compromises u hav set ur path i cannot stop what ur higher self is ready 2 teach ur lower self on now to carry urself around children and women thats ur path u chose it thats set in laws of the universe bush boys cant call up daddy and say dad can u help me get out of this just get u in way deeper trouble here theres no sori i was just doing my job killing raping little kids women no they really dont want 2 hear that wrong thing 2 say remember this is not earth bound and no one out there wants 2 hear this anyway its our problem but if they hav to act it will be a real bad next second for all of you that hav been involved with this already going 2 loose evil energy you kissinger queen superior general german father murders of the 50 thousand native indian children in canada underground bases in englang and around the world and u idiots built citys 3600 ft down in the earth hav i missed something but isnt that closer to the river of lava we free ride on (on that free ride on planet earth oh oh the owner has sent some toddlers here 2 stop this crap)am i missing something but are u whatever u are that stupid 2 get closer 2 such a hot spot or are u just making it easier 2 get ur asses fried oh well are the yankees on i hav sports 2 watch illusion is the pain oh o time has got nothin with it c u all im ranting but they need to hear it thye all will be given a copy of this trust me good job liz good work here u get an organic lollypop im vegan so noi dead animal stuff here theres none of that in cosmic universe trust me c u guys hav fun nazis any child u hurt from this second on u will pay for 100 thousand lifetimes for each evert from this day forward take those kids home 2 their parents now or u will wish u did trust u on this one `dont wash ur face in lava water hmmmmm thats an idea make a new planet with traces of lava in everything the nazis use gotta go thanks liz

  31. John says:

    On one site savli said she was born in Germany and this one she said she was born in Virginia. What is the truth?

    • admin says:

      I replied before to you on this. “Svali” is an alter personality. She was “born” when the core person suffered abuse and created her. Therefore the core person
      was born in the USA and the altar “Svali” was born in Germany. This would easily explain how Svali claims different birthplaces.

      God bless, Ed

  32. Shel says:

    Hello. I am a new visitor to your site. I was referred here from a PTSD and DID support forum.

    Thank you for writing all of this.

  33. Mathew says:

    Hey there, remembered this site after viewing it a couple of years ago, just wondered has there been any sign of svali to date? I really hope she is alive and well, yet if she is I hope she is well enough protected that she need not fear of being captured or killed. My heart goes out to her. Thank you in advance mods/admin. Namaste

    • admin says:

      Hi Namaste, I remember your name. It has been awhile. No direct contact from Svali BUT a family member of Svali’s has told me that she is alive and she is in hiding? Not sure but I will post if I hear any more. God bless, Ed

      • Mathew says:

        Thanks for the reply, my name isn’t namaste, i was using the word in it’s ‘farewell’ context’. No worries though :p thank you it’s great to know that at least she is alive. If you could pass on my love to said family member for giving us this conformation. Svali truly is a brave soul. Namaste 😉 Mathew

  34. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to tell if someone is in the cult?

  35. JLyn says:

    I have reason to believe I am of one of the 13 bloodlines. My father’s grandfather’s last name was Shaparvo, which became Shapiro in the US. My father was not an illuminati member, but I was raised with abuse, mind games, and some really wierd beliefs. He also worked for Unicef at the UN when I was young. He mocked me because of my Christianity, and when I was 21, he ran my mom and I out of our town (Flagstaff, Az). He was trying to enter politics, and when he decided to divorce my mother, he feared we would spill his dirty little secrets if we were still in town. So he came to my apartment where she was staying, beat us both us, and threatened us with death – and threatened to take my then-infant daughter as his own- if we were not out of town by morning. When we fled to Michigan, I tried to get help from the police, from the government, I even went as far as to contact the popular talkshows at the time (Oprah, Sally Jessy, Geraldo) and each time I was given false hope, and each time, the person who promised to help backed out. I always wondered what kind of power he could possibly have, that no one would go up against him. I never understood. Two decades later, I am finally figuring it out. It is possible.
    I want nothing to do with the illuminati, but to be ignorant is to be weak, and to be informed is to be strong.

    • admin says:

      Doesn’t sound like an Illuminati background but he could be Satanic or some other cult. Either way, stay clear of him and seek Jesus! 🙂

  36. Rich Valles says:

    Hi svali if these dark dumb stupid idiots even come close to u they may find the g o r t army at there doors and that scares them real bad cause they know what I’m talking about there in real trouble and this is no game they know this cause of what’s happened around them in the last few months this is not a game and they know it we got ur back svali u’ll be o k

  37. is svali still alive, the love of my life is a victim, how can i help her? who can i contact, somebody in seatle or close to seatle???

  38. Kathy says:

    I am a minister who runs a place of shelter for those that have been abused by society. I would like to know the name of that book she wrote, and if not that, then what was the name she wrote under? Svali? I could sure buy several copies of that book for my ministry.

    • admin says:

      The book is contained here on this site. All the writings from that book are on here. She wrote under the name “Svali”.

      God bless, Ed

      P.S. Where is your farm located?

  39. Rich Valles says:

    Hi Ed this is growing very well just want to give u a well done thanks for all the work rich from Santa Cruz

  40. Steve says:

    I am sorry, everyone is praising this person and I don’t fully believe her. If she did indeed witness a young boy sacrificed in a ritual and did not tell someone about it (regardless of what threats she may have been given) then I consider this to be one of the cruelest acts and the blood of the young boy should be on her hands and forehead where ever she is. If these stories are true, then she and the sic bastards that carry this blood thirst should all have their throats cut and left to die. Call it cruel, in considerate, whatever. Who stood up for those that were sacrificed?????? Nobody. I would love to face these gutless, cowards one on one with just bare hands. It would be my new goal to hunt these people down and do the world a favor. They can go rule the underworld if they want to rule something. There are more of us than there are of them. We should go to route all of them out and give them what they are asking for.

    • admin says:

      If you were a young girl who had just been frightened to death by seeing such horrible things, it is highly likely you wouldn’t be telling anyone about anything as
      you would be too scared of being killed yourself. Especially if your parents were in the cult also. – Seek Jesus, not revenge.

      • lisa reynoldson says:

        i agree with admin

      • Steve says:

        Sorry, there was a murder, she is spoke out and this should be reported and investigated. Now I know everyone is going to tell me that the illuminati controls everything and being that this was supposedly in the vatican, it would be almost impossible to investigate. However, not a single one of us who hear this story of sacrifice should stand for it.

        I have found Jesus and not seeking revenge. I am seeking to rid the earth of evil (if it exists in this form). We are warriors against evil if we live in the light of Jesus. As Christians, we should not let these stories go untold because of fear of the illuminati. It makes me sick to hear of innocent people being sacrificed for the advancement of a young child. Jesus did not mean for anyone to sit still and not defend those who cannot defend themselves. If we did, we will never win. I will fight to the death if it means saving one person from a satanic sacrifice. Trusting in Jesus does mean you should sit back and do nothing. Jesus was not a whimp, nor am I.

        • SJ says:

          I hear your frustration and it feels like she should have done more. However read this very well written article about satanic peadophile abuse and how it goes up to the highest level and is supressed. The guy involved here was convicted by a jury and the NEXT day the judge overturned the sentence. This was a case involving child sacrifice and child prostitution on a horrendous scale!

        • Trish says:

          I am appalled at the violence in your speech, Steve…read you Bible and see where Christ said to do such things as is in your heart. I pray the love of our Heavenly Father overtake you!!!

  41. Claudia again says:

    Just two questions (i’m not trying to negative): Svali, you talk a lot about Jesus and the Bible. What do you think about the Pope?? Do you believe that the Bible is right?

  42. GodIsGood says:

    Some key points that lead me to Jesus (former on-the-fence Christian)

    – Occult symbolism throughout media (in television, movies, music, etc)

    – The historical fact that Christians were slaughtered throughout history. Hussites for example, being murdered by the Roman Catholic Church (pre Protestant Reformation). Christians being slaughtered during the Greco-Roman era.

    – The rise in New Age Theosophy in the last 100 years. Notice how much of the pop music is anti-religious? Notice how there is blatant occult symbolism embodied throughout these entertainers videos and lyrics? And this isn’t a recent trend. This has been going on for thousands of years in my opinion.

    – The number of Pyramids spread throughout the world. Peru, China, Egypt, Europe, among others. There clearly was once a global civilization that existed. Wouldn’t be surprised if this civilization was involved in occult rituals during the pre-flood era.

    – The research into UFOs and it’s relationship with poltergeist activity. UFOs are not aliens! They want you to think something is ‘out there’ when it’s really here, have been here, and been manipulating mankind for thousands of years.

    – And just in general, the whole notion of currency. I mean, that single creation is what divides people.

    – The middle-eastern conflict now. Muslims, Jews, and Christians killing one another. Perpetual violence. It was setup that way by the occult secret societies on purpose in my opinion.

  43. Michèle Renée Gervais says:

    The Illuminati web site announced the beginning of their New World Order revolution as of November 9, 2012 See: http://www.illuminati-order.org/ “The Message of Master

    World Revolution: November, 9 2012

    Today we are giving the start to the world revolution. For us it is an important date, starting today started a New World.


    Paolo Bortel

    November, 9 2012

    • admin says:

      LOL, That is not an “official” Illuminati website.

      • Kieran Smith says:

        Hi, Ed and Michèle! This reminds me of this ‘Illuminati’ website I visited about a year ago or so (I expect that most people here might’ve already seen this)

        The search engine link to the site is: “Order of the Illuminati – Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria – Home …”

        The first thing you’re greeted with upon clicking the link is an enter page with a ‘3D’ pyramid with a series of levels and the Eye of Horus.

        When you click into it, you get brought to the homepage. This is basically the same thing, but the pyramid now has a load of hidden buttons which show up when you roll the cursor over them, and these take you to, amongst other things, some sorts of mathematical algorithm wizards, profiles of the world’s nations, EU politics, a fortune teller and some sort of Academy game, I guess. When you click on the Eye it simply appears to reverse everything and turn it from yellow to blue (I personally fail to see the significance of both, but I’m not as experienced as some people at finding hidden messages in backwards text).

        I believe the three main buttons on the homepage, however, are the ones on the first level of the pyramid (the centre one is hidden until you roll over it, like the others). When you click on one of these buttons, it takes you to a page that asks for a password to the riddle:

        “What speaks with one voice, yet walks on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon and three feet in the evening?”

        Of course I have no idea what this takes you to as I have no idea what the password is or how to access it, but there definitely seems to be something beyond that riddle (the riddle might even be a joke for all I know!). As you could expect I thought this website was just some teenager’s fun attempt at creating a new Internet sensation.

        Here’s the clincher, though, that shocked me and made me go “Wowww”:

        At the time I was using a free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware package that required you to authorise the update of the system every day you used the computer, and would alert you of this by pop-up balloons from the quick access button to the right of the taskbar. E.g. “Your [system] is [outdated] by (2) days. Click here to update.” Well, when I left the Illuminati website a pop-up balloon told me that my system was outdated by thirteen days, even though I had only updated it the day before.

        Thirteen days. THIRTEEN. The number of bloodlines involved with the New World Order (according to David Icke). Coincidence?

        I’d really like you or anyone else on this page to share their thoughts on this as it really grabbed my attention (especially with the”thirteen days” trick).

        Link: http://www.illuminatiorder.info/

        • Kieran Smith says:


          The password to the riddle is “human”, although you have to press the submit password button instead of just pressing enter.

          Livestream of thought processes after accessing the site:

          OK, this looks like pretty much the same thing…at least you can see all the buttons now, oh they look different to before…nice page background. OK, let’s try clicking on the first button from the bottom left:

          “in honorem – Adam Weishaupt etc”

          Ohhhh……..this is mega. This must be everything about Adam Weishaupt! Oh crap, it’s in German. Well, I suppose that’s the language the Illuminati speak according to Svali, anyway. OK, moving on.

          *clicks on “Thou Shalt Be Free”*

          “Tabula Smaragdina”

          Woah…this looks pretty interesting too. Shame it’s in what appears to be Latin…oh, that’s odd, a link to the “Latin Version”. But then, what language is this version written in? Oh well, let’s try rolling the cursor over the spinning eyes. Hey, the left one turns into a German flag; I guess this must lead to the German version…wait a minute, could the other eye lead to an English version of this script? Let’s see…it does, it does! Hey,I can read this! Right, what does it say?

          *after reading through*

          Woah……I just feel like I have been blasted back by a whole mega-barrage of truth, half-truth, false truth, whatever.

          No out-link. OK, let’s backtrack…

          Hmm, let’s see if I can find any other links…the demi-gods along the sides ofthe page don’t seem to do anything…what about the sculpture at the top?

          Screensaver? Wow, this is curious…

          “You have chosen to open: Smaragdina.exe”

          Hmm, I hope this isn’t some sort of malware file…

          *saves file*

          OK, it’s downloaded. Now, let’s see what the actual screensaver is…

          *brings up “Downloads” on Firefox and clicks on screensaver link*

          *goes through security administrator authorisation, umm, thing*

          Oh, it’s brought up a wizard! OK, let’s go through it…

          *clicks “Next”*

          “You must accept the license agreement.

          Everything is permitted.
          Nothing is true.”

          Oh that’s-…sorry, what?!

          *clicks “Next”*

          Oh it’s brought up that speech again…I’m not reading through it twice, too late in the day. Moving on…

          *finishes wizard*

          And there it is! It’s now one of my screensavers! Preview.

          *opens screensaver*

          Ah, interesting. Nice music. Hey, “order of the illuminati” just showed up…and faded…”Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria”…Oh, it seems to have started raining in the screensaver…”present”…I wonder why the screensaver freezes every time a piece of text appears or fades, this is taking a long time…”Tabula Smaragdina”…Well, the Illuminati might be taking over the world after all; they certainly can’t produce a decent screensaver. I’ve no time to watch all of this, I’m moving on.

          *goes back to “Thou shalt be free” page*

          Let’s go all the way down…two more eyes, American flag and Swiss flag this time…let’s see where that star in the bottom right-hand corner takes us…

          *clicks on star*

          “Guestbook of the Enlightened

          Heyyy, a forum thread! Is this how the Illuminati communicate with each other in secret (other than the Bilderburg Group)? Right, next button on the pyramid!

          *returns to homepage and clicks next button*

          Hey, it’s Adam Weishaupt, again. Wait-…it’s in English! “Greater Mysteries 1 Part 1” “He, who is searching for salvation, comes here! We want to reconcile you with the world; we want to guide you to your felicitousness.” Woahoah this is big! Mega-big! BIGGER THAN THE BIGGEST THING EVER, other than Pink Floyd. This will make some great reading, I’ll be sure to come back here! Hang on, this English version seems drastically shortened compared to the other one……crap! OK, backtrack…

          etc. etc. ad infinitum…

          Hey Illuminists, you should really check this site out! There’s sooo much information here on the Illuminati and its doctrines and members, I think (I haven’t looked through the whole thing yet). I’ve no idea how much of this is true or not, or even if this is THE Illuminati website, but it sure makes really good reading if you understand German! And if you don’t, there does seem to be some contracted versions of these scripts in English.

          I wonder what Svali might have to say about this…

  44. Rich Valles says:

    The shooting in conn is it a classic case of programming the mother home schools child why he’s distant what happened in his youth the mother has an assault rifle he shoots his mother first in the face he’s shooting 6 n 7 yr olds and older auth female types it’s an upscale comm lots of possible triggers there could it be and another ok 18 yr old planning shooting high school kids and setting off bombs as police arrive on the same day very interesting could it be could this group want control of arms in u s something to think about unspeakable for the family’s of those children loosing their lives like that cannot imagine and the adults lost in this tragic event this must change it’s up to us Namaste

  45. S says:

    Ed, I have some questions for Svali,
    I know she is some where in the countryside hiding out far away from a computer and internet but I cant help but wonder and at least take a chance…..
    I read about Arizona and her experience with the illuminati and have read Svali’s.
    I wanted to know first what Svali thinks of Arizona’s interview with David Icke and if she can confirm any information given by Arizona. Also wanted to ask more about Atlantis and the “StarChild”. Also another event I found when going through many internet pages called the feast of the beast.

  46. proudify says:

    I urge yo to watch “The Fuel Project, Know Your Enemy” on You Tube. It answered all my questions and it will answer yours, too. I promise.

    • justafriend says:

      The part about Jehovah’s witnesses in this series of videos is just a hatchet job. When I met Jehovah’s witnesses (back in the late 1980’s) my parents didn’t want me to join. They sought the help of ex-JWs to get me out. I wanted to be a fair judge and get to the bottom of things. I found through research, that most of the ex-JWs quotes where out of context. Some of the claims in this video are the same (for example, the part about hiding the truth). The same can be said about Russell’s discourse on “The Temple”. You can see the full transcript of that discourse online. (http://ctr.reslight.net/?p=233) Russell always tried to be appealing to people of all religions (1Cor 9:19-23). And since this particular discourse was given in a rented Masonic auditorium, he adapted the information to the Masons. Still, many things that Russell and his followers believed back then are not what JWs believe today. JWs had to rid themselves of lots of things. See what they teach now! (Proverbs 4:18) -> jw.org

      I spent 13 years working at the headquarters of JW’s. I had to leave because of the health of my wife. I cherish the memories of working in that loving spiritual atmosphere. Any one is welcome to go and visit their installations. I know some of the JW’s governing body members on a personal basis. They are normal, imperfect, human beings, but their extraordinary example of love, humility, and devotion to the Lord will be forever etched in my memory.

      Today, I still visit my parents about once a year and talk to them often on the phone. They are still without faith, unfortunately. But, I love them and they love me, and that is something for which I am very grateful. Over the years, they have come to see Jehovah’s witnesses for what they are, a group of people who are sincerely trying to serve the God of the Bible, Jehovah. And while they still do not share my faith, they have come to realize what they were told initially against JW’s was not the truth. My father will even defend Jehovah’s witnesses when people speak against us. Mine is a long story. I just want to encourage people that are looking for the truth to be careful with what people say about JW’s (Acts 28:22). Follow the example of the Beroeans of the first century (acts 17:11). Maybe then, your story will be as happy as mine has been.

      • admin says:

        There are many nice people who are unknowingly trapped in the JW’s web of deception. I have studied them for years and I know
        their lies and their denials. For some good info on them see here: http://www.truthnet.org/Christianity/Cults/Jehovahwitness5/

      • I was one of Jehovah´s Witnesses for 16 years… fully dedicated… 100 hours a month in door-to-door witnessing… read/ studied everything they printed… presented everything possible at their 5 meetings a week… my eldest son is autistic… when the government told me he needed services… I refused based on th beliefs ofJWs… when I was told I had to accept services or they would take my son away from me I accepted services… when the “elders” in the congregation told me to obey the JWs to not accept services or I would be disfellowshipped I told them they could not disfellowship me because I would resign from their organization before I would allow the government to take my son away from me… I began meditating… something JWs allows Satan to occupy your mind… I began reading spiritual writing of all mystics… I am now free… I had so many blank spot in my memory… so many snippets I could remember that were horrifying but never able to remember how they turned out… all four of my brothers are disasters… my son is progressing beautifully with Scientific Learning… read the book “The Mind that Changes Itself”… he uses a program called “Fast ForWord”… we are living a happy life with a good relationship… I am very dedicated to investigating the corruption… the homo capensis who are the puppet masters of the evil… the infiltration of evil in all religions/ governments…

        • admin says:

          Glad you got free from the wicked cult of the “JW’s”!

          How are you doing with the real Lord Jesus Christ now? The JW’s
          distort who Jesus really is. Have you come to know Him personally?

          I hope so! God bless and write back and let us know how you and your son
          are doing. In His love, Ed

  47. leslie o says:

    I have been targeted by the US government for about 10 years now where they have tried to kill me several times but I was “warned” by a voice. I would like to contribute what I found. Many of the techniques that Svali and Cathy O’Brien exposed were tried on me and I too fell into their traps. There are many people that have been “worked on” — literally brainwashed — by the government and there is no doubt in my mind that Adam Lanza and all of the other “lone gunmen” who have appeared as far back as the JFK assassination have been made into Manchurian Candidates.

    I saw that some of my stalking perpetrators were in a dream. Literally.They moved like robots and their eyes could not focus completely. Some even reverted to chanting. They were in hell. Hell on earth. These people have been enslaved and there are many who are victims. Some are simply sadistic murderers who appear to enjoy their roles.

    However, I would like to mention the healing that is possible through deep meditation which calls upon the Christ consciousness. I use the word meditation because it is important to stop the negative ruminations of the mind which constantly think about them. It is important to meditate daily first thing in the morning and lift my consciousness ABOVE this continuous chatter of the mind which thinks about them out of fear.

    This will begin a very rapid healing process. This action starts undoing the implant of these horrific memories when I turn away from them and not give them importance… by not harping on them daily. Without paying attention to them, they begin to fade and my present moment-to-moment existence takes precedence.

    This is important.
    I am alive NOW. And all of my focus should be on my present existence which is connected to reality. The healing will come this way… through God.

    Being in the present moment is a path to sanity and healing. I was given this spiritual advice where I was told that even amidst the most frightening visions or reality, there is a Higher Force at play. It is important to remember this and seek Him in our darkest moments. He is with us… now.

    When I imagine these people, I see that they are terribly deluded. Everything that they do is done through dark imagination and their own pain. That they believe they are ‘enlightened’ is the first sign of delusional reality. Real enlightenment never comes from force or violence. Only through love and free will.

    I hope this direction helps.
    My wishes for your healing,
    Leslie O

  48. Leslie O says:

    Notes by James Casbolt

    The interview above gives details regarding the New World Order Program to take control of the UK before 2012. This program is called Project Mannequin which I was directly involved in and is being run by the NSA from various Underground Bases cantered around London and Berkshire such as the AL/499 base 200ft below the town of Peasemore in Berkshire, the CLC-1 base under Westminster in London and connected to the a large base under Parliament, the MONSOON-1 facility under RAF Lakenheath 90 miles north of London and the underground facility below the Porton Down Bio-Warfare Facility in Wiltshire as well as other facilities around the UK. The details about Project Mannequin and connected sub-projects are on the interview but I have just been given new intelligence regarding this agenda from a very reliable source who I trust completely. The information is very disturbing and I make no apologies and pull no punches as you need to know this for your future.

    Kidnapped Children and Underground Bases

    The huge child trafficking and Satanic ritual murder networks in the UK is heavily connected to Project Mannequin and very evil factions in the intelligence commuuinity centred around the NSA, CIA and British Intelligence. We know have over 25,000 children disappearing without a trace in the UK every year and are never seen or heard of again. This are classified figures and the intelligence community controlled mainstream media suppresses these facts by not giving a voice to the parents of these children and focusing massively on cases of one or two missing children a year, thereby taking the focus off the larger picture. Just last year I was in Truro college and there posters up off missing youngsters on the walls. These individuals had not even been mentioned on any news channels in the UK.

    My contact has revealed to me that children who are now being kidnapped and taken to underground facilities such as the AL/499, are being murdered in horrific ways and their brainwaves are being recorded into computers at the time of death via a digital links through high-tech cranial implants installed into the children’s brains. As brain-waves and radio-waves are basically the same thing, this horrific energy recorded by super-computers is then being broadcast and sent out through televisions, radios, mobile phones and masts across the country and is affecting the whole population through increased levels of crime, sexual and child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse and a general lowering of people’s morals as very human has kind of telepathic receiver which is the pineal gland in the brain. I personally witnessed children being murdered during my time in the AL/499 facility and in recent times children’s throats are being cut and the digital broadcast sent out from the recorded brainwaves at the time of death which is stopping people in this country talking to each and sharing on a intimate level. Children’s hands are being cut off at some of these underground facilities and the frequencies being sent out are stopping people performing day to day tasks as effectively and maintaining discipline in their lives. You may what to recoil from this and deny it is happening but this is a fact and it is time to wake up.

    Barry King who is a close friend and was a Wackenhut Security Officer in 1979 at the AL/499 NASH Berkshire base in 1979 told me that the NSA plan to have every person in the UK microchipped with craniel implants during Military Abductions (MILABS) before 2009. Satanic factions in the NSA are working overtime with military in this country with military abductions every night using the black triangle ‘Firefly’ aircrafts which have been seen tested at Area 51 in the US and are discussed in detail in the interview. I have just found out today that the analogue signals in televisions is being switched off in 2009 and televisions will only work with a digital connection. OFF COURSE IT IS!! The NSA want everyone to be in ‘tune’ with their digital pulses and connected up to their super computers like ‘The Beast’ computer located at Pine Gap in Australia through their craniel implants by 2009. Last year around 1 in 25 people were implanted through various means discussed in the interview. Now the figure is somewhere between 1 in 17 and increasing. The murder frequencies are being recorded behind popular music, film and televisons in a ELF tone that sounds like a buzzing to psychics. When decoded this is actually a screaming sound! Recorded brainwaves can even be stored on a small box like device in a super concentrated form and worn on the belts or held by secret service assassins. The box can be aimed at a person and a radio wave fired out that people can not see. This energy is totally alien to most peoples nervous systems and the target will go into shock as the nervous system shuts down and usually die.

    These groups are using these desperate tactics to block the huge frequencies of love and enlightenment that increases by the day as our planet moves closer to the galactic centre as we approach 2012. [we are past that date as you know…Leslie]

    We live in dangerous and exciting times and need to come together in groups in compassion and communication through such events as the Probe International conference in Blackpool to break up these frequencies. In the crop circle below that appeared in the UK a few years, the following message was encoded in the circle in digital binary code-

    “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING ( BELL SOUND )”

  49. Leslie O says:


    Vitally important to view.
    Derren Brown creates an assassin through hypnosis who then remembers nothing after he unknowingly performs the “murder” — this is fact.

  50. Rich Valles says:

    Don’t die those children’s pain will be paid for by these evil freaks they will wish they never touched a hair on any child’s head we ashumans cannot let this go on we must get together and act now there at an end common people let’s do something

  51. Rich Valles says:

    Hmm has everyone stopped with anything to say I’ve been waiting to see something and there’s no comments this is important for everyone to keep sharing thanks Ed rich

    • Rich, are you still there? Because I am with you and represent Many,many parents and Lost Children…………..You are right! We have to take a STAND for the Children,find them SAVE….them, …….praying the Lord Jesus Christ will gather us to aid these precious ones!

  52. Daniel says:

    i recently began researching and looking into the illuminati and the influences it has had on the world which led me to a video series on youtube Svali did with a radio show called the investigative journal. in that interview Svali said she was born in Germany but on this site Svali says she was born in Virginia?

    “1. I was born in 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia.”

    • admin says:

      “SVALI” is not her birth name. She was born in Virginia but her alter personality, SVALI, was “born” in Germany. An alter only remembers when they were created not when the core person was born. God bless, Ed

  53. I am so very very grateful for Svali and all the information that she is sharing. This is so important for people to learn about and understand. Thank you!

    I wonder if Svali would consider being interviewed on my radio show — Birth of a New Earth. – which airs on Revolution Radio every Friday from 2-4pm US eastern. You can read about the show here: http://BirthofaNewEarth.com/jeanice-barcelo-live-on-revolution-radio/

    My email contact: jeanicebarcelo@yahoo.com
    My website: http://BirthofaNewEarth.com

    I really hope to hear from you.


  54. Y says:

    I’m sorry, but for something like this, I need proof. You can’t just say the world is run by a select group of psycho Satan worshipers and expect me to believe. As a Christian, I do believe Satan has dark dominion over this evil world, but spiritually. He influences through pride, greed, selfishness, lust, etc. I have a hard time believing there is an actual organized, physical group. I need proof. How hard can it be to just buy a tiny pin camera or a little recording device and get some backroom conniving on record if you’re on the inside? Just get an app for your phone to auto record when the phone is on. Steal papers, documents. Take pictures. Amass evidence. Form groups. There are groups of ex-Scientologists who escaped that cult. Why aren’t there groups of ex-Illuminati if the Illuminati are still around? I’ve only ever heard of a handful of people saying they’re “ex-Illuminati”, and a number of them often admit to having some sort of psychosis, which suggests to me False Memory Syndrome. Often times FMS is linked to claims of child abuse and satanic ritual abuse as people project their loss of innocence as an adult onto their past, externalizing false memories, unable to reconcile where it all went wrong. I’ve heard of families torn apart because someone claimed another raped them when they were a child even though it never happened, it was just some projected psychological malady. I need proof. Serious claims demand serious answers. Looney claims demand skepticism. So if you’re serious, you need serious proof.

    • admin says:

      There is ample evidence around to convince any open-minded person of the reality of the Illuminati and the New World order. Do some research and stop doubting.

      • admin says:

        Svali appears to still be in hiding and we cannot contact her. Sorry.

        • Noma says:

          i am very shoked as a christian u still dont understand how the devil works. Revelations is the last book in the Bible and it clearly states how the end will be like.. Unfortunately not all people who are christians can interprete it. For that reason it is important to give yoself time to read it becoz everything if there.. These devil worshipers are amongst us and its high time we stood for Jesus Christ and wat we believe in least we get hooked as well.

    • RobinH says:

      unfortunately Y its people like you who has given the illumanti, trilaterial commission and bilderbergers their power. they have been operating for close to 200 yrs. and we are at the least 40 yrs behind them in technology why do you think they own everything? hollywood, the music and fashion industry, main stream media, publishing companies, the corporation formerly known as the government and the military. and as long as their are people like you who refuse to open your eyes and accept the truth their battle is won. THANK GOD for people like svali, brice taylor, ted gunderson, al bielek, andy pero, don nicholoff, dr true ott and henry makow to name a few who fight everyday to expose the truth

    • violetblack says:

      Darling, I’m sure you already know False Memory Syndrome has been debunked a number of times, but you still sound like a very good little Gamma and if you were one of my alters I would give you a treat for your performance.

      • violetblack says:

        I do have to comment on the hidden camera thing, though, because it’s an idea we ourselves are still refining. We already audio-record most of our phone correspondence and some of our social gatherings in case we lose time. But here are the issues we’re ironing out concerning filming:

        -Exotic cameras are an investment, and it’s hard to know in advance which model would be the highest quality or the most situationally appropriate. We’re not swimming in funds. Most survivors aren’t.
        -If the people who split us in the first place were to catch us taping them, we’d be toast. Remember, these are people who make traitors disappear.
        -Most sexually abusive rituals and trainings involve some amount of undress, and even the more dignified events tend to require changing clothes, so a body cam is risky. And what kind of cultist lets a random subject drag around a purse or a teddy just because?
        -Finally, the people who would collect evidence of an occult gathering and the people who would voluntarily attend an occult gathering are mutually exclusive, pretty much by definition. That applies both inside an individual dissociative system and out in the world. Having the snitch alter set up the camera and the cultist alter sneak it in no use, as the cultist alter would simply ditch the camera when they took the body.

        Now, I think we are going to need a camera anyhow, when we get the shell loosened from the front and begin losing a lot more time than normal. And maybe someday we’ll get some really helpful footage that way, before it’s all seized. Maybe we’ll briefly have something irrefutable to show you…though I don’t expect you’d acknowledge it even then.

  55. Amie says:

    As a christian..The Lord wishes for none to perish..If someone from birth to death has had trauma based mind control and alters placed within them,how does Jesus get through to them?If they were never in their right mind to begin with how does HE reveal himself? I mean, He understands it’s not their fault…it’s very interesting to me though…Thanks..Amie.

    • Trish says:

      Amie, He is fully able to break thru the darkness of layers and layers of programming. Please pray for all those trapped….pray that they will have His light shine thru and that their ears be opened to hear His voice.

    • violetblack says:

      In my case some of the deeper cult alters were continually monitoring the hosts’ day lives, so their main problem wasn’t a lack of exposure to the Christian message. Mostly they were jaded from seeing it twisted to promote an occult agenda; they didn’t want to fall for the same charades they were forced to participate in. The biggest turning point was when one of the most bitter and powerful alters found an article the hosts had been reading about how Jesus can go into people’s inner worlds and talk to the alters face to face. At the time, he was still programmed to believe he was some kind of incubus called up during a ceremony to keep the rest of the system in line, but his desire for a benevolent Higher Power outweighed any sense of self-preservation. He asked Jesus Christ to meet him inside. Ever since that day, he’s been a living example to the rest of the system of how God can change a heart and a life. We still call Jesus in for troubleshooting when we don’t know how to deprogram certain things, and other times He’s taken the initiative and brought one of us along to document important fixes we didn’t know we needed from Him. There are still alters, especially at the very highest levels, who continue to wait for stronger proof that this isn’t a big setup. It’s understandable, since all they know is setups, and I hope they get their proof soon.

      We do wonder how many systems would spontaneously deprogram if they only knew they could talk to God in person. For us it took a massive leap of faith akin to Pascal’s Wager from someone who felt he didn’t have much left to lose. We really pity everyone who doesn’t know that this is an option, and we hope that there is mercy for those who have never heard the Gospel at all.


  56. Leslie O says:

    Not only does evidence abound on the internet exemplifying the very real existence of the psychotic group [mistakenly] calling themselves…. “the Illuminati” …and its satanic ties but so far everything that Svali indicated about the power structure within this International cabal is revealing itself as true.

    Most foreign governments are covertly working together although they feign discord. This is only to further the deep deception. I know this for a fact and after reading Svali, she verified this and connected even more dots for me.

    Rather than ask other people to do your work, investigate this yourself.

  57. Mel says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how terrible the world is. I hope Svali is safe. She is so brave. I am happy she found God. I am a Christian Catholic and always follow God all the way. I knew something like this illuminati thing was real. So many people are in denial though which is bad. I have a question for anyone who can answer me. Is it possible to be harmed by those evil people if a member of your family was part of it even if you are not? I am asking this because I recently found out that my grandfather from my mother’s side was a freemason. I have heard of this word quite a lot but never had a clue of what it was until now. It clicks to me now how evil these people are because when my grandfather involved in this died a couple years ago, I had to go to go to his funeral. I had no choice. My mother knows her dad was a freemason but has no clue about what it’s really about. She was raised a Christian by her mother. I was expecting to go to a church for the funeral, because all the funerals I have attended in my life were in churches. It was not a church. It was some random place with a checkered floor. There were weird men dressed in black robes with skulls prints, something like that. They were walking in a circle mumbling stuffs. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I don’t remember much from the funeral. All I can say is that it was weird. I felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I remember having a very heavy migraine while being there. My head was spinning. I remember crying a lot, not for my grandpa. As weird as it sounds I was not crying because my grandpa was dead. I wasn’t close to him either. I didn’t see him often, and now that I know what he was, I am glad I wasn’t close to him. The headache and the crying got so bad that, the funeral haven’t even started yet, I asked my father to bring me back home. As soon as I left the place, the headache was gone. I understand now that it was the force of evil that was making me uncomfortable. I would love so much to explain those things to my mother but I don’t know how to. I would like to tell her that her father was part of a evil secret society, but how do I do that without hurting her feelings? Because growing up, her father hid all these things from her and had a “good image”. I apologize for writing so much. I am just troubled by this. I would appreciate if someone could give me any advice. Thanks in advance.

  58. Karen says:

    I am struggling with information coming up about programming. I am a DID person with poly-fragments. Thank you for what you have shared.

  59. holowczak says:


    I am a witness for the 2013 Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse. Royal commission staff have told me that a lot of witnesses have already been threatened. So have I. Consequently, I am going public.

    In case anyone is interested, I would like to summarise my memories of being ritually abused by an elite Sydney pedo/SRA ring. I never underwent hypnosis; instead, my memories emerged spontaneously after my pedophile step-grandfather, Peter Holowczak (deceased), was found hanged to death. My grandmother, Helen Holowczak (deceased), said some men arrived on a weekday morning, sent her shopping, and when she returned she found Peter hanging dead in their chook pen at 14 McAlister Ave, Engadine, Sydney.

    I was born Holowczak in Sydney in the late 60s. Helena and Peter introduced me to the pedophile ring. They were Polish immigrants who had worked at a death camp & joined the great wave of Nazi war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia. I was raised in their Nazi flavoured religion of Mithra worship. I attended gatherings with many Slavic immigrants who settled in the Southern Sydney area.

    A large purple banner was erected at these ritualistic gatherings. This featured a large eagle over an encircled hexagram/pentagram overlay. A symbol sat in each corner of the banner: a serpent entwined around a pole (medicine), a triangle divided into 3 triangles (trinity), the trident (psychology), and a line penetrating a circle, like a lolipop (Cleopatra’s needle, genetic engineering, cloning).

    I have posted a picture the Seal of Solomon ritual banner here:

    Rituals mainly took place in numerous locations including: the chapel at Australia’s first Boystown in Engadine, St John Bosco Catholic church Engadine, Regina Coeli Catholic church in Beverly Hills, Bathurst City Hall, Sydney University chapel, Waterfall consumptive cemetery, Caltex oil refinery at Kurnell.

    The crimes took place in the 1970-80s. Perpetrators included a local GP, a local policeman, numerous police and a police commissioner, an Australian sporting legend, a famous stage actor, a most famous movie actress, a B-Grade movie actor, a Sydney Uni lecturer, a biochemist/psychologist/uni lecturer, Kim Beazley Snr (deceased) Labour politician in Prime Minister Whitlam’s cabinet, a Serbian Sydney Uni psychology student who later anglicised her name.

    I witnessed these people commit crimes of murder, rape, abduction, unethical hypnosis, unethical medical experiments, torture. I saw two child kidnappings. At age 15 I saw them lure a 15 yo boy with sandy hair dressed in a blue billabong t-short into a car at Cronulla Beach. When I was 6 yo, I saw them kidnap a 12 yo girl with dark hair in a side ponytail, dressed in a red t-shirt and white shorts from a main road in Engadine. Both victims were murdered. The Engadine policeman and the GP covered for both deaths.

    I recall a ritual that took place under the guise of the Bathurst 2000 car race. i reported this incident to the NSW Police in 2008. Unbeknownst to me, fellow victim Tor Neilsen reported similar Bathurst crimes to the NSW Police. As a result of his reporting these crimes, Tor was harassed by the NSW police, Sydney health workers, Sydney psychologists and psychiatrists. WA test results reveal these people poisoned Tor with a drug that induced psychosis. NSW police dropped Tor’s case against Bathurst Catholic priests who abused him at St Stanislaus College. Consequently Tor did a letter box drop that resulted in these same priests being charged with hundreds of counts. Some were jailed, some committed suicide, some were let off because they were old. Sydney newspapers told numerous victims’ stories, including Tor’s, of chanting, late night orgies, and hypnosis. Tor himself was raped in Bathurst City Hall, where I also was raped. Tor’s lawyer pretended to run a civil case for him, but mysteriously fell out of a high rise building after Tor blew the whistle on St Stanislaus.

    Tor did manage a popular website called ‘Catholic Cover-up,’ but he had to close it after the st Stanislaus pedophile priests’ lawyers demanded the personal details of the victims and others who joined the site, including me. That is how I made contact with Tor directly. Our contact has been limited, to prevent evidence contamination. But it is a miracle that Tor and I are alive, and found each other.

    Coincidentally, a former St Stanislaus student, al lawyer whose son still attended the school, was to be a witness at the St Stanislaus hearings; he was found kneeling, hanging by his necktie from a bookcase in the basement library of Frederick Jordan Chambers Sydney. My highschool friend found him dead. His death was initially treated as suspicious. The man had half an hr earlier been seen happily working on a case.

    Like Tor Nielsen, I too have been harassed by police, health workers, psychologists, university lecturers, and other government officials. I have had numerous pets killed, received death threats, police held three loaded weapons to my accountant husband’s head for no reason, dead chopped up animals have been left on my doorstep. On one occasion my family and I witnessed three men dressed in dark robes, standing outside my mother’s house at 2am.

    I have lost everything for refusing to be silent. The psychology board falsely accused me and used illegal means to try and force me to attend the type of health assessment that landed Tor Nielsen drugged with psychotic inducing drugs. A top psychiatrist warned me that the Board were stitching me up and to not attend. Consequently, despite references from high profile psychologist supervisors and psychiatrists, I lost my job and career.

    Similar to Tor Nielsen’s experience, a Melbourne QC ripped me off $50k while pretending to defend me against a private university whose staff have been accused of cult-like practises and sexual harassment of students, His sidekick mocked me and verbally abused me for talking about my childhood abuse.

    At the private university, one psychology lecturer grabbed my breast at her birthday party and tricked me into sleeping in her bed at another party; a female law lecturer offered my piano tuner’s 18yo daughter sex for good grades; a 50 yo law lecturer offered a 17 yo scholarship student sex for good grades; the pro-vice chancellor sexually harassed a male student and offered him a tutor position in exchange for sex. This student distributed pamphlet in campus accusing the private uni hierarchy of engaging in bizarre cult-like practises.

    The private university lecturers pooled their knowledge of my childhood abuse experiences, removed the young age (at least 5) I was at the time of my abuse, presented me as an adult perpetrator of the same crimes, and reported me as a criminal to the police. I have no criminal history and previously worked as a parole officer.

    I came under fire from the private uni after I ignored lecturers instruction not to report fresh allegations of child abuse involving previously convicted pedo child protection DOCS foster carers to the police. In accordance with mandatory reporting laws, I submitted a complaint to the Children’s Commissioner. Consequently, I was hammered by the university whose most celebrated lecturer and former dean was recently charged for sexually abusing two 12 yo girls.

    The university then breached disability officer requirements for my visual cortex stroke and made me drive 1.5 hrs to placement instead of 15 minutes at a similar local rehab work place. Within 2 wks my eyesight broke and I lost near vision. The Australian Human rights Commission upheld my claim of sexual harassment and disability discrimination against the private university.

    In writing, the Psychology Board refused to reference the APS Ethical Code Guidelines when examining my well-evidenced joint complaint with an experienced psychologist against the university staff; however, they said they would be implementing the very same code and guidelines in the complaint against me that I was a criminal who perpetrated the crimes I was a child victim of.

    I then tried to complain to the National Health Practitioners Ombudsman, Diane Sisley, who oversees AHPRA’Psychology Board, and sent my complaint & evidence registered mail with Australia Post. The Ombudsman’s administrator said my parcel never arrived, even though I had a delivery confirmation slip. Then the Ombudsman’s administrator stonewalled me, didn’t return my calls or emails.

    The contents of Fritz Springmeier’s writings regarding the post-Nazi projects is consistent with my memories of similar practises in Sydney. I recall being assessed at age 5 by the notorious John Gottinger. I recall being assessed on the SB-LM. I recall being sleep deprived. I recall being drugged. i recall being subjected to unethical hypnosis. I recall being subjected to brainwashing involving a synthesiser that continuously played the words “Know this spirit” up and down the keyboard. I recall people chanting nursery rhymes. I recall a man chanting a Batman, Catwoman, and Joker themed chant; one section involved 9 levels represented by ‘9 cat lives’; he stopped at the 6th level and sang: “Number six, number six, what do we have at number six? Number six has lots of tricks…there are SIX spirits at number six!”

    Tor Neilsen has also given his information to the Royal Commission into Child Abuse. I recently sent it to the Police Integrity Commission who dismissed it to the state Ombudsman. I gave it to the Police Minister who told me to show him evidence. The local Police basically criticised me in their latest letter, calling my claims vexatious and having no evidence. Apparently the two independent witness testimonies of similar crimes in the same place at a similar time does not constitute evidence.

    I am due to testify as a witness to 1-2 Commissioners next month. My Royal commission case manager said my testimony obviously falls within the Royal Commission terms of reference.

    I have created a site to detail my testimony: pedophilesdownunder.wordpress.com

  60. Leslie Oliver says:

    This is a CRUCIAL video to watch now as it explains the murderous mindset that Svali describes.


    The 35-minute video is crucial to watch immediately and pass along.

    We are on borrowed time now…
    This is everything that many whistleblowers have been trying to make public and now more people are realizing the horror that is planned for the USA.

    Presented right before 9/11 by NASA [a fake agency] the video will explain…the plan and what is coming soon….

    · The capture, torture of Americans in living color on prime time.
    · Terror attacks on the continental USA to take down critical infrastructures, etc
    · Use of EMP electro magnetic pulses radiation frequencies and more against our brains
    · Beam weapons increasingly prevalent … guns are USELESS.
    · Micro dust as a weapon
    · and MUCH MUCH more…

    The document itself is at:

    Video of it w/ links is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk4hfIVIoT4

  61. Will says:

    I love this woman. I have also studied a bit on illuminati and cult but how much can we believe when it is brought on by the same people trying to keep it secret. I would LOVE to see revolution, and the corruption and abuse end, but how do we start, what can I do, how can WE train the masses? Svali this is not asking for a response, you are always free to tell us more, but I would like to soldier up and find a way to act before your 2050 deadline. God Bless.

  62. Anonymous says:

    It is interesting to note that on music videos with Illuminati or Illuminati-looking symbols, there are so many comments accusing the singer of being part of the Illuminati. This is the power of the Internet. At first, a cause like this tends to be only known by a select few until it slowly becomes more popular over the years.

  63. Pete says:

    It’s so refreshing to read people who all seem to lovingly come together as the Body of Christ. When I talk about all this illuminati stuff to people its as if my distrust of the government is unfounded and they act like I am a kook. I walk alone (outside my mother whom I live with and few others.) in this eye opening walk with Jesus. Even the church is blind. Jesus prophecied about them in Revelation 3:14 “You are neither hot nor cold, but you are luke warm, and I will spit you out of my mouth. I hate walking alone though.

  64. Ashleigh says:

    My name is Ashleigh, and I ,like Svali ,have left an Illuminism cult. I was physically and sexually, emotionally abused for disobeying my trainers ,and the views I was forced to believe by my readers. I have been free of the cult since I was 9, and to my knowledge, it still remains in Western Australia. If possible, I would like to contact Svali if she is still around. Thankyou

    • admin says:

      Hi Ashleigh,

      No one has had contact with Svali for about 7 years now. I don’t know where she is or if she is even still alive. If not, she is with Jesus.

      I hope you are following Jesus with all of your heart! It is not easy but worth it!

      God bless, Ed

    • Ashleigh, please help us, as we are looking for a little child taken by the Illuminism cult from his mommy out of the U.S., into possibly western Australia. Any idea as to where they might be hiding him there with the traffickers. Your story gave me hope that he may possibly have a chance to be freed and survive. Needing hope and help! Please contact me here and a way to talk Praying Child Advocate for the Mother and Child. Praying for a Miracle!

  65. KEVIN says:

    Hi, my name is Kevin Hernandez, and I am going to tell you my story. I was born raised in Catholicism, and I left the U.S, and met a Blastoise doll, and my greed and obsession over everthing, and my philosophy led to me talking to voices, and wrote a Series called the AVRS, a secret cult that I have heard, and I had a vision of me or a girl named Kayeko Buhtaloi in the story, in a tree stump, and electrocuted and told to her by these voices that “I was the Chosen One”. So, I became arrogant and proud, making myself God. I worshipped idols and was manipulated by beeps and buzzing in the hears, with mind control, and me electrocuted by a light switch in my house since 3. I had DID, schizophrenia, autism, etc.I had these voices speak through me like I was the mouthpiece, and I was called Black/White Magic. I was involucrated with the occult. Until a woman invited me to church, teaching about God, whom I have never heard of for 13 years. Refused at first, then accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord, and baptized in the Waters, and I found that these voices were either demons or humans, as they have said, and I found out that I was going through govermantal mind control, and I was forced to do stuff against my will. And these voices had specific abilities or jobs. Their rules were similar, if not, same as the U.S government an Constitution and sometimes had Illuminist rules, but never heard of Satan before. So, I fell into the hands of doctors, took mdications that made me bad to worse, and I told God my most intimate thoughts and secrets I went intimate, and how I want to repent of all that harm and greed. But I was never around any Illuminist, this may be done from far away. And I was reading about the Illuminati and governmental mind control, and what it did to your brain, those lasers, beams and their effects and symptoms, and it made sense to my suffering. I feel shaking, with evil thoughts and urges to do something, with beeps, and I felt manipulated against my will, and with impaired or almost complete loss of memory, or where my mind goes blank. That’s it. I’m telling you this publicly.
    I asked God for forgiveness, but I felt alone, I felt like I was going to Hell. I was hearing thoughts that weren’t mine or and beeps, and I felt like a marionette and I want to break free from the government. HERE IS A SECRET THAT I HAD FOUND OUT. I’M NOT LYING. BARACK OBAMA IS INDEED THE BEAST,A DN THE POPE IS THE FALSE PROPHET. I FOUND OUT THROUGH ALL THIS. I WAS TOLD, AND ASKED GOD MANY QUESTIONS, AND I GOT THESE ANSWERS. SO, THAT’S IT. GOODBYE. TELL SVALI THAT I HAVE SUFFERED SIMILAR AS HER, SO SHE’S NOT ALONE.

    Sincerely, Kevin Hernandez

  66. Hello, my name is Kevin Hernandez, and this is my story. I was born, and suffered from my parents’ divorce. My dad, according to my mom, was a whoremonger, but I was little when she told me. My mom, after her divorce, had boyfriends and became a drunkard and an adulterer, having boyfriends and having sex. I, on the other hand, I lived with jealous and envy, because I was lonely and wanted attention, and love-thirsty. So, in my grade school, I had lied to others and to myself to sound cool, even to fake my death one time. Escaping my problems, I moved school and houses, but I was lonely, and when I hit puberty, I had an attraction to men and I felt feminine. So students strayed away from me. So, imaginary voices talked to me and possessed the dolls I had, and I became a ventriloquist, but I lived a life of danger in the streets, but I knew my ways around. I was a prodigy since 5. Very intelligent, and a philosopher, a poet, with many opportunities to succeed, until I made a covenant with these dolls, and I wrote it in a book series. I was inside my own story, a girl turned into a boy named Kayeko Buhtaloi, a Japanese king from 3000 BC? The name Kayeko means Blessed Child in Japanese, and Buhtaloi means ghosts or a coven of ghosts. I worshipped them, and became greedy. I always was, since child I stole. And then, I lived in poberty, no electricity, no covers for night. But, I had a job to keep the house, but for $5 a day, since I was 12 years old. I faced people making fun of me, but I was envious and I had a psyhic read my hand, saying that ” I was going to be rich and famous”. And In my book, I remembered Kayeko, my counterpart, did a ritual on a tree stump, and sacrificed her, and lighting struck her, saying that I was the Chosen One, so I became proud, and insolent and arrogant, and called myself a god, and wanted to be rich, and to have the world fall under my feet for all the harm done.
    Then in 9th grade, I was called White Magic, because I acted like a sorcerer. Until 9th grade, a woman of God preached unto me, and refused at first, and Feb. 18, 2012, I saw a chance to accept jesus Christ as my Lord, and took it, and baptized in the waters. Then, I found out, that I was under idolatry and mind control and to the occult, and when I found out, I fell into the hands of doctors and the situation got worse, and I confessed to God my most intimate self and told my most intimate secrets and sins and thoughts and traumas, and asked for forgiveness, and to help let go and I let them go. I want to be free. That’s my testimony, but I AM GOING TO EXPOSE YOU SECRET. THE BEAST OR THE ANTICHRIST IS INDEED BARACK OBAMA, AND THE POPE IS INDEED THE FALSE PROPHET. THEY MAKE SENSE, AND MY BIGGEST SECRET IS THIS. AMERICA IS BABYLON, SINCE BABYLON IS A GREAT CITY AND NATION.

  67. chad says:

    hi, svali or ed i know this is a bit late but i just wanted to know if there were any extra links or websites and if (might sound harsh) everything is okay and if you are still alive, and just how bad is this sinister cult
    did you know anyone by the name of Pedro (pete, peter) , sorry i don’t know his last name, but it would be nice if you could shed some light of an incident that’s happened recently, thank you so much!!!!

    • admin says:

      I do not know where Svali is or whether she is alive or not. I do know she loves JESUS and if she is no longer alive then she is with Jesus.

  68. Russ Dizdar says:

    Prayers for you sister in Christ.. blessing, God’s protection and fullness for you. russ Dizdar

  69. lee says:

    kpop have relevance to illuminati?

  70. Randy Dodsworth says:

    The Illunminuts will one day finally get their New World Order, only to have seven horrifying years of tribulation before their eternal horror begins. They need to come out while there’s still time.

  71. kerri says:


    I am an RA survivor. I have DID and some disturbing memories to say the least. I just stumbled on this website. I’m not even certain how active it is. I have just been struggling with my “system” as they say. I was searching for things about brain wave training, it’s been on my mind lately and i found this site researching about Svali.

    When I read her book, it was the first time I ever heard of my own life (outside of my own mind.)

    It was a few years ago, and I was actually so happy just to learn why I have all of these strange memories and even DID survivors don’t talk about my own experiences. It may sound funny but I was happy to learn that I came from somewhere!!

    I began running away and hiding at age 13, but who I am now really started at the time my body was 16. I never knew who I was or where I came from, just that I was always scared and I had some pretty scary memories. Never able to stick around any group of people.

    I am a believer in Jesus, as it turns out he had his hand on me all along. I am blessed with strong faith in him. It’s just difficult because I can’t really talk about this stuff to average Christians, they don’t even know if they should believe it and if they do they get pretty confused about the whole thing.

    As I get older I remember more and more. I was trained pretty extensively to be used for sex. Jesus has shown me alot as well as remembering.

    I was used for child porn and prostitution. The details can be pretty disturbing.

    Anyway, I have quite a story but I cannot even write it down without destroying it soon after.

    So, if you are still watching this site, I don’t know I guess it would be nice to communicate with someone who can wrap their mind around what I am.

  72. kerri says:

    I appreciate the comments above about Svalis birthplace. I really hope to integrate but without insurance to pay for therapy it is just me and Jesus, so I never really know what’s going on with the rest of me.It is very reassuring to learn that Svali was doing these interviews and writing while she was still not integrated. I also caught the different birth places that she mentioned but I already figured she fully believed what she said at the time she said it.

    I did not realize that she was still very split and suffering with the condition. Not to wish pain on anyone, but it reassures me that maybe it’s ok for me to still be so split. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever integrate with such a complicated system and no therapist.

    Thank you for posting, also thank you to Svali in case she may ever read this.
    I was forty four years old, no body would tell me the truth and I may have never learned why these horrible things were done to me had she not shared!

    By the way I read her story on Peerswanttoknow.website.


    • admin says:

      Hi Kerry,

      Oh yes, many of us, including me, are still NOT whole and are still in a process of healing! It goes on for quite a long time but God
      will use that to strengthen us and rebuild us into the people He wants us to be. 🙂

      Keep seeking Jesus and you don’t really need a therapist by a loyal prayer partner or two who loves Jesus would be great!

      God bless, Ed Koni

  73. joe says:

    i need info on how to get someone out of the illuminatti

    • admin says:

      The only way to get someone out safely is thru the LORD JESUS CHRIST! They must submit to Him and follow His lead. Not easy, I know.

  74. Simon Wang says:

    Hey Svali’s friend, is it possible to ask Svali about the specifics about dissociation and intelligence gaining? Can you dissociate an adult for intelligence gain? Were the foreign languages just for diplomatic missions or did they actually unlock less used parts of the brain? And what other activities were there to enhance cognition? I would expect Satan to have taught a thing or two in his headquarters, though I don’t trust him to give first rate cognitive training, because there’s no reason to do so as the idiots at his camp routinely think deeper than my Lord’s people. I’m a full time strategist working for Jesus Christ and obviously any strategist worth their salt would be interested to look at the dissociation and training you talked about to get to around IQ 160. Did they study IQ related ways of thinking beforehand or was that close to, or being, their first improptu IQ test? To develop it do you have to be tortured and dissociated? Would you be interested in dissociating me if it could make me smarter? I’m 19. Not sure if it works and not sure if The Lord would like it but YOLO. I mean hey after all there’s billions of Asians who suffer far worse studying than dissociating into a few personalities. And no, I am not trolling. Oh, and don’t believe I’m a strategist? Ask my personal prophet Wayne Sutton at http://www.thesecondadam.com. He’ll tell you a few things you only know about yourself too. That ministry’s really good and hears accurately and passes so many tests against cold and hot reading. But don’t get me off topic-I’m not into slipping ads. I’m actually very very very interested in how the Illuminati trains intelligence. And I’m not particularly sure if the dissociation was just for obedience or if it was necessary to gain such intelligence. And what of non dissociative methods to gain intelligence?

    • admin says:

      Sorry, I do not know and I cannot contact Svali, if she is even still alive. – God bless, Ed

    • violetblack says:

      Dear Mr. Wang,
      Your post has sparked a lot of discussion in our system. Some are pretty impressed by how far outside the box you’ve thought. At the same time, the consensus is that your idea probably wouldn’t pan out, so they wanted one of us to come back and critique the suggestion.

      First of all, there’s a widespread misconception that dissociation automatically boosts the IQs of everyone using the shared brain. This has led a lot of severely dissociated people to believe they must have a different condition because no individual alter in their system seemed to be a genius. That’s not quite how it works–in fact, most people wouldn’t reap the full benefits until they integrated. Dissociation is a division of the soul. The partitioning of the brain is a side effect, because every soul piece is going to need a few neural circuits of their own just to function in the physical world. The immediate downside is that other alters often lose access to those circuits. The long-term upside is that when you have a large number of souls each using, exercising, and strengthening their own little brain-pieces in parallel, the brain itself becomes more developed than if it had only one person using it. Once you merge everyone and a single soul gains access to the entire brain, they get to inherit everything each alter worked for. So yes, it is possible to boost intelligence from dissociation, but it would be a lengthy and indirect process, and in the meantime getting shut out of the other alters’ brain sections could be a serious handicap. Plus, it’s very difficult to control the other alters without torturing them on a regular basis, so they may decide that instead of teaching themselves anything useful, they’d rather fill their brain sections with mindless hobbies and trivia–or else they may refuse to merge with you once they’ve served their purpose.

      Second, we have never heard of anyone undergoing their first split after adolescence. (Inviting in a demon that poses as an alter to avoid raising suspicion, yes. But that’s not really relevant to a discussion of actual multiplicity.) The splitting mechanism seems to atrophy and disappear if it isn’t used at least once during childhood. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve missed the boat, however; most people who have alters don’t find out until well into adulthood. In fact, even though the number of people with full-blown alters is supposedly very few, some ministers claim that a significant chunk of the population has fragments, or nascent alters who never realized their potential. They may be stuck in a single never-ending flashback, or they may define themselves by a single emotion or task, or they may simply live in a very sparse inner world that offers no stimuli to help them develop. From what we’ve seen, these kinds of alters can easily grow into fully functional human beings when their pool of experience broadens sufficiently. Befriending one of them might be an adult’s best bet at harnessing the positive side of brain parallelism.
      We ourselves haven’t had to try pulling up a fragment out of the blue. We have a highly structured inner world with many mature alters, so if we want a fragment sent up, we can simply ask their regional supervisor to find them for us. But if we wanted to look for one without even knowing if they existed, we’d probably start by looking for “soft spots” in our memory and emotions. There may be events you don’t like to revisit because you get so emotional you feel as if you “lose yourself”, or that you know you should feel strongly about but strangely feel nothing at all. There may be events you know for a fact occurred, but for which you have no episodic memory. If you try digging into them, really pushing the limits of what you normally allow yourself to feel or recall, you may end up triggering up a fragment who holds the missing piece. At that point most people would begin to integrate–to reassemble the pieces into a whole–but if your goal is to be more divided rather than less, you’d need to try something different. Maybe you could try watching the emotive, remembering part of yourself with steely impartiality. Maybe you could let them take over the body while trying to shove yourself back into an inner world from your imagination, or maybe you could mentally pick them up and place them into an inner world that would be appropriate for a future study partner. Maintaining “physical” distance could be a major factor in whether the early meetings result in friendship or absorption, so it might be good to imagine an inner world into existence well in advance for hasty retreats.
      On the off-chance that any of that actually helped, you would need to get used to taking turns in the body, looking over your own shoulder a lot and frequently feeling like a backseat driver. The fragment-turned-regular-alter would undoubtedly have their own desires and opinions, requiring mutual compromise as in any other relationship. Sooner or later you would also need to give them emotional support over the matters that caused them to separate from you, but this would need to be done carefully to avoid reabsorbing them. Rapport and cooperation would be critical. It might get easier after developing coconsciousness, enabling you to link up your thoughts on an as-needed basis.
      Of course, all of those untested theories could be complete rubbish, or you could lack any fragments to work from, in which case I just wasted both our time for no reason. o_o

      Our biggest issue with your idea, however, is this:
      “…not sure if The Lord would like it but YOLO.”
      That’s the same mentality that got us thrown out of Paradise, and that underlies every sin any human being ever committed! God knows everything. If He doesn’t like it, it’s objectively a bad idea and you’ll learn more by taking a step back and figuring out why. Even if He does like that particular idea, you still risk screwing up every other area of your life by approaching it that way. None of us knows more than Him, and none of us is the solitary keystone of His plans for this world. If you go around doing things He doesn’t like, you’re not heroically rescuing Him from His own arbitrary taboos, you’re just being a minor nuisance. That doesn’t seem like your intention, so this issue may be a priority to work on. Sorry, it had to be said…

      I’d like to add one other thing that might shed some light on Illuminated ways of manipulating the mind: We used to have a communal photographic memory. Now our communal memory is slightly worse than average because we found the alter who was doing the remembering and encouraged her to snap out of her deep hypnotic trance. She’s immeasurably happier now that she gets to have thoughts and feelings of her own, but unless she chooses to go back into her trance, the photographic memory feature is officially broken. It’s likely that they can do many things like that, squeezing a little extra performance out of the brain at a steep cost to the non-consenting subjects. That’s just one we happened to catch. It’s easy to afford these high prices when it’s someone else’s life used as payment!

      Anyway, we wish you well and hope you find something that works out!
      –Rose from the Clowder Collective

  75. scy says:

    have she twitter id? i have a something tell her.

    • admin says:

      No, sorry. No twitter account that I know of. We have lost all contact with her for over 7 years. What did you want to tell her?

  76. noey55 says:

    Svali: I know of someone close to me who went through years of ritual abuse; my question to you is this, can this be done in the spiritual, so that when it does happen the following day doesn’t show any signs of the torture or abuse happening? The best evidence was them having body memories years later. I would appreciate any information you can give me. Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Noey,

      Actually, Svali is not around to answer you but to answer your question, YES, it can be done in the Spiritual realm as they did some of
      that to me! I was only 5 years old but it is possible and actually happens a lot more than we think. It has to do with the parents of
      the child, if it is a child. If they are not walking with Jesus then more can be done to that child. If the child has godly parents then
      there is a hedge of protection around that child. 🙂

      God bless you!

      Ed Koni

  77. Steve says:

    Hi Ed, I am grateful to have read Svali’s writings and it’s given me a major insight into the illuminati organisation. I wish I could pass on my thanks to Svali, she is/was such a brave woman who clearly loves the Lord Jesus. Since it’s been many years since you’ve heard from her does that suggest she was murdered by the cult she fled? Sadly it looks that way to me 🙁

    You were fortunate to have met her, Ed! God bless 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, we all have a lot to thank Svali for as her writings have helped many people! Praise Jesus!

      I really don’t know where she is but I know God is with her whether she be dead or alive!

      God bless, Ed Koni

  78. DRK says:

    I just wanted to give you this link to more articles by Svali from the old Suite101 website. They can be found on the Internet Archive:


    I found this because I was looking for her article on Trauma Bonding on this site but could not find it.

  79. sara says:

    someone please help me get rid of my alters!!!! i have a few i believe. i really want svali to help me because i believe she knows about what is wrong with me she may know psychologists that can help. i really really want to get rid of my alters so bad they are ruining my soul and life.

  80. Stella says:

    Hi Ed,
    I am still a child and my family are in that group, too I know what Svali went through . I had to as well . Thank you for this post it might help me break through when I’m older?

  81. RoxyMarie says:

    I try to explain to people that most if not ALL of the Celebrities are under MIND CONTROL in Hollywood but no one believes me.

  82. Rebecca says:


    My name is Rebecca.. i am from germany.. And was born into a high-level multigenerational illuminati family .. Who’s directly under the false prophet and the antichrist. I am 21 years old.. And my programming is on the newest level.. I am a believer in christ.. And i really hope one day..i’ll be able to get free from all the horrible torture etc.. PLEASE GUYS.. IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO READ THIS.. PLEASE..PRAY FOR ME.. AND MY CHILDREN… During this time..there where a lot of people who tried to help me..the first one was programmed too.. The other one.. Was almost killed.. (two times) .. I am trying hard.. But i can’t do it on my own.. Shall i go back..for my children? I don’t know.. I just want to love them
    .to give them peace ..and rest .. And looking for love..from jesus. I need it so much.. i am totally on my own.. Please.. Anyone.. Help me..

    • Roger says:

      Hi Rebecca, I PRAY IN JESUS NAME, you and your children will be delivered. Because greater is Jesus than he who is in the world. I pray that you and your children can believe this verse “But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.”!

    • steffi says:

      Hello Rebecca. I am a born again Christian. And i can tell you to turn to Jesus. He is the only one that can save you. i have only just recently learnt of the underworld of Illuminati after discovering the case of Johhny Gosh. I have since done some online researching and learning of the Franklin case, and so on…. and reading on these evil elite people in power… well. they have another thing coming to them!!!!!!! Jesus will return and all knee shall bow down to the one true King… My prayer every night is for the protection of these innocent children. My prayer is for all of you who are battling this mind control that you all find Jesus, HE IS THE TRUTH, LIGHT, YOUR STRENGTH. He came to save YOU everyone of us! Believe and you shall experience hes everlasting love and protection. May God be with you all. DIOS TE AMA

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