How to sell car insurance over the phone?

One of the challenges in sales is that each customer is different. Switching from one connection to another requires great concentration and skill. One of the things that can help is to use expert tips on selling insurance over the phone. They will make you think about your overall approach to selling over the phone and to your customers. How to sell car insurance over the phone?

Telephone sales make up a huge proportion of business transactions, and 41.2% of salespeople believe that telephone is still their most useful sales tool.

What you need to start selling insurance over the phone

Many years ago, you had no choice but to sell life insurance in person and door to door. There are several operating costs that should be considered:

Of course a computer. Get double monitors if you can. You can have your quote software on one screen and your browser and / or CRM on the other. Dual monitors really save lives.

Of course the phone. Get a VOIP phone system if you can because it allows you to make calls directly from your computer. I like to have everything in one place because it makes you much more productive. In addition, you can easily redirect business calls to your mobile phone when you leave the office.

CRM – I personally recommend Capsule because it is so easy to use. If you want to learn more, read this article that I wrote about why Capsule is the best CRM.

How to sell car insurance over the phone?

A website where people can find and reach you. Make sure your site is a machine to generate leads by following these site guidelines.

Software citation, so you can compare rates side by side.

Guides and questionnaires for field insurance. They are usually provided by life insurance companies – they are crucial because they ensure that you ask all the necessary questions when dealing with an exceptional disease.

Listen carefully and involve them

Every time you call a potential customer or current customer, listen carefully to new opportunities. Ask questions about your interests, If they have any children, Do they have investment property. By giving them time to talk and ask open questions, “you’ll have the opportunity to answer their doubts

Learn the recipes

If you are just starting work with this type of work, you must make sure that you know the regulations in force in the country where you live, and what are the proper licensing procedures. If you are not under legal protection, your customers will not be there either.

Surround yourself with a good team

Flying solo may work for some, but in the field of insurance working with a good, honorable team can be of great importance. It will not only be attractive to potential customers (the average customer perceives the team as safer than a single agent), but also your team will have your back.



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