What does KMSL mean?

The increasing use of various abbreviated names in the language, especially written, causes the need to publish their lists and lists, in which full names are also given. What does KMSL mean?

An acronym is a word constituting an abbreviation made of the first letters or possibly first syllables, of several other words.

Spelling of acronyms

Abbreviations are usually written in capital letters, without periods. If there are conjunctions and prepositions in the expanded name, lowercase letters correspond to the acronym. Some abbreviations can also be written in lower case letters, with an initial letter.

What does KMSL mean?

KMSL means “Killing Myself Laughing”.

The abbreviation KMSL is usually used in the sense of “Killing Myself Laughing” as a means of entertainment, in the same way as LOL (Laughing Out Loud), ROFLCOPTER (Rolling On Floor Laughing, Rotating Like A Helicopter) and other such abbreviations. However, like many other abbreviations, KMSL can also be used sarcastically to indicate that the sender has not found something even a bit funny.

“Killing Myself Laughing” can also be abbreviated as KML.

What does KMSL mean?

Examples of used KMSL

Example 1.

Friend # 1: “I got dressed too fast this morning and didn’t even realize that my underwear got stuck on my pants until I got to class …”

Friend # 2: “Kmsl !!!”

In the first example above, you can see how Friend # 2 uses KMSL as an independent response to Friend # 1’s message. In many cases, nothing more is needed than just using the acronym.

Example 2.

Friend # 1: “Have you watched the Big Bang theory yesterday?”

Friend # 2: “Yes, I’ve been kmsl all the time … such a fun program !!”

In the second example above, friend # 2 uses KMSL in a sentence to describe the reaction they had in the past. It can also be used in the present and future tenses (eg “I am kmsl” and “I will be kmsl”).

Alternatives to KMSL

KMSL is one of those acronyms that belongs to the larger group of creative and exaggerated LOL varieties. Here are just three others that you can exchange with KMSL.

PMSL: Pissing My Laughing. Very similar to KMSL, but maybe a little more inappropriate. At least it doesn’t contain the F bomb.

ROFL: Laughing on the floor. More popular than KMSL and PMSL, ROFL is one good to go with if you want to stick with the acronyms that are more recognizable.

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off. A very well known LOL variety, perhaps even more than ROFL.



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