metformin and weight loss

More and more people struggle with managing their weight. A lot of it is a direct result of fast food that’s been made available at every corner. While most people realize that this type of food is bad for their health, a lot of times they simply don’t care enough to resist temptation. Over time it leads to serious health issues. Some of them might even turn into a real disease such as type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes is a metabolic disease that stems from issues with insulin production. The main role of insulin in human body is to regulate the levels of blood sugar. The goal is to make sure that it doesn’t change too drastically because sudden spikes or sudden lows in blood sugar levels tend to have catastrophic results on the entire body. In diabetes, there isn’t enough insulin to manage the blood sugar levels. Also, the body tends to become somewhat immune to how insulin works, which is known by the name of insulin resistance.

There are many ways to manage type II diabetes. The most basic one is a change of diet that allows to avoid foods that cause sudden changes in the blood sugar levels. But that’s not all. Often, those who suffer from diabetes tend to take certain medication.

Metformin is one of the most basic drugs that are prescribed for people who suffer from type II diabetes. It is especially helpful if diabetes stems from obesity. How does metformin and weight loss come together? Well, in many ways it’s still a mystery. After all, the way metformin works isn’t entirely understood. Metformin tends to be prescribed for people with diabetes because it lowers the blood sugar level. Therefore, it’s very helpful in keeping the blood sugar within the reasonable range, even after a meal.

But it has been observed that one of the most basic side effects of this drug is that it tends to reduce the appetite. That is of course a very easy way of making sure that the diet is being followed. Low appetite means less temptation when it comes to the food that is forbidden for people who struggle with additional pounds. Another theory that would explain why metformin and weight loss tend to be connected, is that metformin has certain influence on how fat is stored in the body. It also somehow regulates the way the body processes the fat, which might cause the faster burn off. Of course, that’s why it stands to reason that the more workout someone gets, the better metformin works as far as losing weight is concerned.

While there are plenty of evidence that the connection of metformin and weight loss is real, it is important to remember its limits. Metformin might have some influence on weight but it doesn’t work fast. In fact, the effect on weight that this drug has can be recognized only after a year or two of regular intake. So if someone truly struggles with weight and needs to lose it fast, metformin is hardly a way to go. It may help but the majority of the process will rely on making big diet changes and making sure to get enough exercise.

While metformin and weight loss are the subject that’s worthy of consideration, it is obvious that the drug itself isn’t an answer for questions that many obese people have. It’s certainly an excellent drug for people with diabetes but if anyone without this disease wishes to use metformin as the magical solution for the weight problem, they might be disappointed. Also, it is important to know that taking metformin without having any issues with blood sugar levels might be an incredibly dangerous idea. While some doctors may prescribe this drug even for people without diagnosed diabetes or even prediabetes symptoms, that’s not always the case. For one, FDA did not approve metformin as one of the drugs that are helpful when it comes to managing overweight. It stands to reason that in many ways metformin and weight loss are still an unproven idea. But one thing is known for sure – diet and exercise will definitely help to lose weight. Metformin might make a good addition to the dietary regime and speed up the entire process.


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